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Evan Rachel Wood Tweet Calling Kobe Bryant 'A Sports Hero' and a 'Rapist' Doesn't Sit Well With Fans

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By Megan Prevost

Kobe Bryant, a sports hero, a literal legend, passed away this past weekend in a tragic helicopter crash in Calabasas.

Celebrities are standing up and saying their tributes to the fallen Laker. Twitter is flooded with kind messages and heartfelt sentiment. Those with a presence on Television are even taking moments to honor him, like Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show last night.

However, there are some tweets that are not so kind. Evan Rachel Wood tweeted this out moments after the news was released, "What has happened is tragic. I am heartbroken for Kobe’s family. He was a sports hero. He was also a rapist. And all of these truths can exist simultaneously."

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We're not sure what led Evan Rachel Wood to write this tweet, but the fans surely did not appreciate her commentary at a time like this.

In an attempt to start a conversation about Kobe Bryant's rape case, she received nothing but backlash. Many fans commented that "now is not the time" and even called her out for being racist for bringing this up.

@thejournalista tweeted a picture of Evan Rachel Wood and Woody Allen, another celebrity with a sexual assault case against them, saying, "The nerve, b*tch."

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Another tweet surfaced from @Reef215 that said, "White feminism in 3 parts." with three pictures attached.

The first is a screenshot from Wood earlier tweet where she calls Bryant a sports hero and a rapist, and the second one is a tweet from Wood that states, "I am shaking and crying over David Bowie. No other musician meant more to me than him. Devastated."

In the third picture, user @Reef215 shares a headline that reads: "David Bowie and the 15-year-old girls." He also highlights a portion of the article that reads: "He was also the type of man who, in his mid-20s, allegedly would sleep with two girls not old enough to drive themselves to his hotel."

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While most disagreed with her and were downright offended that she had spoken up, there were few (very few) who agreed with her on the matter.

In a reply by @DiegoFariasMX, they state, " admire your brave mind and the way you see these cases can exist simultanneously. Don't apologise for saying the two faces of the person after death. That's not being a coward, it's simply being a human being showing the imperfection that we are all part of, even in tragedies."

Is it okay that Evan Rachel Wood brought up this case in such a time of grieving for the world? In the light of her other posts and seeming somewhat hypocritical, she might have been better off keeping her opinions to herself.

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