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Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge Reveals Why She Unfollowed All the 'Real Housewives' After Being Fired

Gettyimages | Bravo
By Alan Blake

Tamra Judge recently left The Real Housewives of Orange County, although she revealed she has no ill feelings with Andy Cohen, the show’s executive producer. The 52-year-old opened up after she accepted to go live on Instagram, appearing for the first time on January 27th since Jan 25th, when she announced her departure. The actress confessed to feeling sad about leaving the show, and that she had gone ahead to unfollow all the show’s cast mates, including Andy.

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Andy Cohen
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Andy was bold enough to ask her why she decided to unfollow everyone. According to her response, she unfollowed them after receiving the sad news. Tamra was then camping and had no cellphone reception. She had been messaged hours before leaving for the camping trip, saying that she had a production meeting. The sender claimed to know that she had not gotten her contract yet, and Judge thought she was good to go. The star went ahead to camp, ending up in a place where she could check on her daughter.

Tamra Judge
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Sophia Barney, her daughter, was with her dad, and so, she drove the streets but found a message from production, asking her to call back. The text was quite a shocker. Tamra knew things would not end right. Her instincts let her know bad news waited and she was not ready to feel more hurt than she already was. To avoid reading about it, Tamra went ahead to unfollow the entire cast team. She believed that if she did not see it, it would not get into her mind, and that seems to have worked.


However, Tamra is a proud actress even though she left the show. According to her, Real Housewives of Orange County made her a ‘rich bitch.’ She alleges to own two houses and two businesses even though she went through the ‘sh*tstorm’. Andy encouraged her, saying that she ought not to cry that everything is over, but should instead be happy that it happened. However, Judge is still facing some challenging times as she revealed, although she is not ready to discuss the issues.

Tamra Judge
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According to her statement, it is a personal issue that she wants to step away and deal with it on her own. Tamra revealed in an emotional moment that she only needed privacy, which she does not think would be possible if she was still on the Real Housewives of Orange County show. As such, she terms her departure to have probably been for her best. According to DailyMail, the actress left the reality show after twelve years, after a humiliating pay cut.

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