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Grammy Ratings Hit an All-Time Low

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By Lenny

The beloved musical event that is the Grammys captivates many Americans worldwide yet this year it hit an all-time low when it came to viewership and television ratings. With multiple streaming platforms surfacing to the mainstream, viewers are beginning to transfer over from cable to streaming services. The Grammys was only watched by 18.7 million audience members this year but this is not counting for the people who use streaming services to view the televised event. Since 2008, the Grammys engagement hasn't been this low until this year.

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The Academy awards are speculated to be watched by many as they spiked last year in ratings with a whopping 29 million viewership compared to the 26 million Americans who watched the awards show in 2018. Although the Emmys were watched by only 6 million Americans last year; streaming services are definitely taking a huge hit on the cable television industry and that is expected by the networks. Also, the tragedy that is Kobe Bryant's passing may have overshadowed the event because a memorial was occurring right outside the Staples Center where the awards show was taking place.

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The ex-Chief executive behind the Recording Academy, Deborah Dugan rallied against the Grammy awards show because of the fact that she was being sexually harassed within the company and was exposing the company for its unethical practices and flawed infrastructures. The Recording Academy attempted to pay out the music executive with a $22 million deal if she left the company silently. Dugan vocally denied this deal and is choosing to take the business to court with these illegal practices and discriminatory acts.

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Deborah Dugan was set to be a catalyst for change within the Recording Academy's dated systematic infrastructures. Until she was accused by an assistant of bullying which she then retaliated with a 44-page report that was sent to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The Recording Academy preferred that she left quietly but with Dugan's professional law background, she wouldn't allow that to happen. All of these crucial factors played a massive role in dropping the ratings of the 2020 Grammys. This generation of workers and professionals are fed up with old business standards that do not uphold equality or fairness in the workplace. So, many infrastructures behind major organizations and corporations are being dismantled at the expense of safer work environments. Deborah Dugan is spearheading these modern ideologies and like future generations, she has hope for a better society with more equal opportunities.

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