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The Kardashian Family Called out on a Photoshop Scandal, Yet Again

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By Lenny

The Kardashian family is called out for photoshop again and people all over social media are living for their embarrassment. Whether it is Kourtney Kardashian's second thumb or North being edited in a family Christmas card, the notorious family that is known for altering their own physical bodies on the internet and in real life are surveilled heavily by the public. Does this open up a bigger conversation regarding public scrutiny of people who are just living their lives the way they want to? Or, are the Kardashian's use of photoshop too much for the public to handle?

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The family that has achieved billionaire status for their overly documented luxurious lifestyles has managed to upkeep their flawless reputations through their physical exteriors. The Kardashians are no strangers to cosmetic surgery and the older they get the more they use photoshop to enhance their features and beauty. People are constantly at the door of the Kardashian household waiting to expose them for some type of wrong that will derail the careers of the family members. The usage of photoshop to cover up flaws or blemishes or even accentuate one's features isn't a crime at the end of the day.

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The Los Angeles-based family uses their social platforms to confront issues that revolve around politics and society. Kim Kardashian doesn't keep her photoshopping tendencies a secret anymore and this is her way of letting people know that it happens on a normal basis but she doesn't expose herself of this type of behavior every time she posts a picture on social media. This generation of media exposure is at the beck and call of the Kardashians as they live off of publicity whether that be bad or good.

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The power of social media is very obvious when it comes to the mere idea of the Kardashian family. They are seen as the leaders of pop culture as they influence future generations and the standards of beauty and fashion. Their photoshopping skills are not even done by themselves, they most likely have an entire team dedicated to making their social media presence stronger. Their released images and final products are just a result of a string of people who have to work for the members of the Kardashian family. They must uphold a specific image to stay relevant in the media and if that requires minor or major photoshopping then it most certainly has to be done.

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