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'Westworld' Actress, Evan Rachel Wood Enrages Kobe Fans Worldwide

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By Lenny

'Westworld' actress, Evan Rachel Wood reminds fans of Kobe Bryant's sexual allegations and this causes a media storm that affects the performer's reputation online. The exact same morning that Kobe Bryant's daughter, Gianna was announced to be in the same helicopter crash that ended the lives of 8 other victims. Evan Rachel Wood decided to vocalize that Kobe Bryant is "also a rapist" online. Earning herself as one of the most controversial figures of Twitter today, Wood caused an uproar amongst a lot of social media users.

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A lot of Kobe Bryant fans believed Wood's commentary was poorly delivered and had remnants of subtle racism. She was attacked by thousands of people who thought her perspective was incredibly biased by her race and stature as an untouched White actress. Kobe Bryant was accused of multiple felonies regarding sexual assault and rape. He even acknowledged to the victims that he apologizes for how these several sexual encounters could be perceived as nonconsensual which most men who are accused of these felonies don't do.

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Talk about impeccable timing, Evan Rachel Wood choosing to lash out on Kobe Bryant's legacy directly after his daughter's death was announced was not the bravest action to commit. The 32-year-old American actress was not making the wisest decision when she decided to release her frustrations out on a public platform. Wood informing her followers of Kobe's known charges and ruling was just another prideful way of pouring salt into an already stinging wound. Her poor choice of trying to destroy a sport's legends legacy was not in great taste and showed a lot of people including her fans of how insensitive she can be to other people's tragedies.

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This raises the underlying question of death and truth, should fans be made aware of a celebrity's wrong actions even after they just passed? A person's legacy and impact shouldn't be instantly questioned right after they faced a freak accident that cost the lives of 7 other people and their 13-year-old daughter. Evan Rachel Wood's remark wasn't well thought out and was remarkably inhumane considering how current the tragic event took place. This brings people to a larger question of how insensitive people can be when it comes to the loss of another human being's life. Even though people commit wrong, the act of publicly owning up to a wrong that was done and over with in the past takes even more courage.

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