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From 'Barney Girls' to Actresses and Musicians: Lovato and Gomez

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By Ivy Pope

Does anyone remember Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato on Disney Channel? Did you know they met on Barney, because I didn't?! They were on the same season of Barney and Friends at the start of both of their acting careers--and were basically joined at the hip.

In 2017, director Fred Holmes said to International Business Times that, "Very early on you could just tell they clicked, certain kids got along with other kids and they were just two of those that really clicked."

It's not terribly surprising to find out that they clicked all those years ago because they did rise in success together for a while. Selena as Alex on Wizards of Waverly Place and Demi as Sonny on Sonny With a Chance, not only that but they co-starred in The Princess Protection Program.

However, all was not right in this kingdom forever.

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Things changed once Selena met Taylor Swift. Selena was dating Nick Jonas at the time, and Taylor was dating Joe Jonas, so it makes sense that they would meet--and become friends. However, at the same time things were falling apart with Demi and Selena.

At the time, Demi covered the distance (and dissed her former friend) with this message: "We're both busy, and I wish the best for her. True friends don't let their friends or family be mean to you. If you can't trust somebody, you can't be friends with them."

When asked by a fan, Demi responded that any fans who wanted to know how Selena was should direct their questions to Taylor Swift.

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When Demi went into rehab, Selena responded. Despite this hot-and-cold friendship that they had going, she reached out to Demi numerous times while Demi struggled with an eating disorder and addiction.

According to MTV, Demi reported that Selena called her crying when she was in rehab, extremely worried. And she noted that since then they've grown closer to one another.

Selena also mentioned she didn't do anything public because she didn't want too. And that makes sense, as the two of them aren't as close as they used to be, and tend to support each other from afar.

At the Grammys, Selena applauded Demi's performance, confruatlating her for putting herself out there as much as she did--the Grammys were rough for everyone, but Demi went above and beyond what we expected.

Every other time that Demi was openly struggling, Selena made it a point to reach out and offer support, even after this most recent overdose, Selena reached out.

E! News reported that Selena has reached out to Demi's family members to share her love and her prayers; and is really distraught about her former best friends health.

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