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People Have a Lot to Say About Joy Villa's Gown at the Grammys

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz
By Lenny

In support of Trump's candidacy for 2020, Joy Villa sparks a huge debate on whether freedom of speech should be allowed at the Grammys when it comes to political garments that marginalize large demographics of people. Nationalistic singer, Joy Villa waltzed onto the carpet with a big smile and an even bigger statement. With the nation's president being under review for impeachment, Joy Villa still chooses to show support for the leader who is under a lot of public scrutiny.


The 2020 Grammys featured a lot of snubs, a lot of tears, and Joy Villa's shocking dress which caused for a lot of head turns. Some celebrity's careers are built on frustration and hate and Joy Villa is no stranger to any of these negative responses as last Grammys she was caught wearing a similar getup. Joy Villa's singing career isn't even substantial enough for her to even attend the Grammys but the institution and people who fund the awards show are certainly as conservative as the unsuccessful singer and songwriter.

Gettyimages | Matt Winkelmeyer

Last year, Joy Villa was sporting a statue of liberty garment with a purse that screamed: "Make America Great Again." Her entire career is built off of bad publicity and she keeps allowing for her press to be this way because she knows it will keep her in the public eye. Trump's reign over America may come to an end very soon and people like Joy Villa will be silenced with this political decision being made. Artists like Joy Villa are the main reason why so many celebrities don't even attend the Grammys anymore.

Gettyimages | Steve Granitz

Joy Villa may be a ploy for conservatives to be seen even more so in nationally televised events like the Grammys. Using her Black body as a way to promote a political view that isn't commonly supported is a social tactic, Villa uses to receive some sort of credibility as an artist. Trump's beliefs and rhetoric on the United States is what is causing a huge rift between many artists and tastemakers. Joy Villa is just caught in the political whirlwind that is passing by through America and her vocal and physical statements will go ignored when Trump's presidency is either impeached or not re-elected. The Grammys used to be a place of musical community and neutrality but unfortunate figures like Joy Villa are combatting these ideologies in order to cause a raucous in places that are viewed by many.

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