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Nicki Minaj's Brother Sentenced to Prison Over Sexual Assault Case

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Lenny

Nicki Minaj's brother may face up to life in prison for the sexual assault of his 11-year-old stepdaughter. Minaj's older brother, Jelani Maraj was convicted for the sexual predation of his child. A New York judge ruled against Maraj's favor and advocated for his stepdaughter who could be permanently psychologically damaged from Nicki Minaj's brother's horrific actions. The trials leading up to Maraj's ruling were short as he was found guilty fairly quickly by the grand jury who crucified him based on his illegal behavior.

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The Trinidadian rapper was known for fighting for her brother's freedom. Nicki Minaj even went as far as bailing her brother out of jail a few years ago when he was earlier convicted but then set free. Minaj hasn't released any sort of statement revolving around her brother's court ruling but she has been keeping a great distance between her and her sibling. Nicki Minaj has been seen around her mother a lot more frequently and this may because her brother's ruling might have affected her and the entire Maraj family deeply.


Nicki Minaj usually doesn't keep her mouth shut on public issues but since this news is more personal and involves family affairs she may choose to keep quiet to protect her family's well-being. Minaj's brother was charged for this sexual act a while back and now he is finally getting convicted. Jelani Maraj and his lawyers wanted Nicki Minaj to go as far as advocating for him in the courtroom during his hearings but she never showed up the New York courthouse. Nicki Minaj may be saving her reputation and moral status by choosing to remain silent while her brother is being sent to prison.


As an artist, Nicki Minaj has grown so much in the public eye before her Cardi B feuding days. She has chosen to live a private life outside of the spotlight with her new husband, Kenneth Petty. Minaj has even strayed away from social media as she hasn't used any sort of platform since November. Her new incognito lifestyle may be what is best for the iconic female rapper. She is capable of avoiding scandal and can experience her emotional turmoil in a more peaceful and secluded setting. Nicki Minaj is definitely missed by all of her fans but I am sure she would rather face her personal problems in private as she has been in the public eye for over a decade now. She stated she wanted to stop music-making and start her own family.

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