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Shaq's Son Shareef O'Neal Shares What Could Be Kobe's Last Text

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Mario Perez

The death of Kobe Bryant and daughter Giana is without a doubt a great tragedy that has shaken up the entire world of sports and entertainment. As details continue to surface about what went down there are also some sad stories to report about some of the last interactions that Kobe had with people prior to his helicopter going down.

Which, by all accounts took his life and that of his daughter and 7 other people that where traveling to basketball camp.

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Shareef O'Neal Got A Message From Kobe

Kobe sent out a message to his former teammate's son Shareef wanting to know how he was doing. The son of Shaq was a freshman basketball player at UCLA before a health scare forced him to miss the entirety of his freshman season.

Although Kobe and Shaq had a very public falling out after Shaq's departure from the Lakers the two made amends over the years. From what can be seen from the massages both families kept relatively in touch over the years.

Gettyimages | Jayne Kamin-Oncea

Naturally, the message came in early in the morning around 8 am. Kobe was probably set to carry out his day which was going to include a very busy schedule. He was set to appear at a nearby basketball camp. Where many people were left heartbroken. Waiting for him and his daughter Giana.

Shareef was understandably moved by the news. One of the saddest views is that unanswered massage. Apparently Shareef had slept in a little bit. Getting back to Kobe a couple of hours after. At that time the helicopter incident probably had already occurred.

Shaq Also Took To Social Media To Voice His Sadness

Shaq was also amongst the many athletes that took to social media to voice the grief over the sad situation. He has shared quite a few posts via his Instagram page. In them stands out a picture of Kobe with Shaq's sons and daughters that was potentially taken quite a few years back.

The duo was without a doubt the cornerstone of the Laker dynasty of the early 2000s. For years there was speculation over what type of relationship they had after the break up of the team. From what is known they were certainly able to mend their relationship.

Potential Funeral Services

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At the time of writing for this article, there had been no official announcement made by the Bryant family. Kobe's wife Vanessa has understandably not issued a public statement. Yet, a lot of fans have come forward and pushed for a public event to be held at the Staples Center. That would allow the fans to pay their respects.

The thing is, with the death of Giana also coming in that dreadful crash there is a chance the family will be looking for a more private affair.

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