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Jimmy Fallon Gets #ThereShouldBeALaw Trending

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By Ivy Pope

What kind of laws would you put into action if you could? Perhaps the world would be a better place if some of these laws came to light; even some so dystopian-advanced as requiring a test before having children.

Listen, we've all thought it, right? There are just some people out there in this world that don't deal with their own children and as a result, you want nothing more than to take away their right to have children willy-nilly. But listen, China tried that and it didn't really work out for anybody involved.

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If Someone Gets You Sick, You Get Their Sick Days

Unsplash | Merakist

The hashtag went viral on January 21st, and honestly, it's beautiful. This one, in particular, makes me wonder how the spread of diseases would change if people feared losing their sick days due to making other people ill.

Imagine?! Nobody with a cold or the flu or whatever gross germs they're carrying comes in because they might infect like seven or eight people and then lose all their sick days at once...

The right motivation makes people work smarter, I guess?

English Major Peeves

As an English major, this hits me hard. Please learn how to use the English language. I understand this issue when the language isn't someone's native tongue, but there is absolutely no excuse, otherwise.

Pretty sure school covered "too, to, and two" and "their, there, they're", and "your and you're" and just all those fun ones. When you misuse these in a sentence you just seem like you're not even trying. I can promise, if you make these errors on social media, people probably don't take you seriously.

That Old Story

Listen, Twitter user. A few people on Facebook and Tumblr already solved this issue. You're just behind, it seems. Obviously you make a wheel, spin the wheel (has Wheel of Fortune shown you nothing?!) and eat wherever the wheel falls. That way there's no "choice" anymore. If you just go "first one that you see", in some areas you see like 5 fast food places and restuarants at once. And therefore you solved nothing, and only created a bigger problem.

Take my advice. Spin a wheel.

Glasses, Anyone?

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This Twitter user gets me. I need this in my life. My glasses come off and I'm like, reaching for the wrong bottle or holding it insanely close to my face in hopes of figuring out what it is.

And sometimes there's more than one green shampoo or conditioner bottle in the shower and I just have to grab one and use it and if it ends up being the wrong one, well, truth is, I'll probably end up grabbing it again because glasses don't work in the shower.

Maybe someone needs to create windshield wipers for glasses...

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