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Selena Gomez Says Her Ex Justin Bieber Emotionally Abused Her

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Selena Gomez is one of the most iconic singers in the world and fans have watched her go from one phase to another. She also has a detailed life of ups and downs, but the amazing thing about to singer is that she never backs out of a challenge. She has gone through series of medical and mental issue over the years, but this year, she is changing everything about the game. The singer recently released an album and is imploring her fans to stream it as much as they can.

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The first time Gomez became a current topic on social media, was when she got entangled with another young singer, Justin Bieber. The duo dated on and off for many years, and fans were beginning to think what the end result would be. Although, they decided to go their separate ways finally a few years back, the duo still have a lot of secrets between them.

The internet went wild recently when a shocking revelation came to light, and no one knows what to think or say.

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Gomez spoke to Lulu Garcia, from NPR in an exclusive interview and revealed how she healed after facing emotional abuse from her then partner, Justin Bieber. She also mentioned that getting over the heartbreak was not easy, but love was not the only thing she had to do away with as she also parted ways with emotional abuse inflicted on her by Bieber.

Coming to terms with the fact that someone you love took advantage of you and made you an emotional wreck is one of the worst things to experience in life.

Selena Gomez looks stylish in denim jacket and pant with a black shade over her eyes.
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However, Gomez is showing her fans that she is not afraid to move on with her life and become a better version of herself in the years to come.

Moving on, Gomez was not the only one who made mention of emotional abuse in her past relationship, as Bieber recently revealed that he abused his past lovers emotionally. The singer was apologetic in his post on Instagram and revealed that he was now in a better place and his fans were ore than proud of him.

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Gomez talked about the single titled “Lose You To Love Me,” saying that she is very proud of it and it is not a hate song. She also went on to say that the song was her way of saying that she was done with everything and all the experiences she had to face in her past relationships.

She also went on to say ya 2020 is a year for her to step up and begin a new and better chapter of her life.

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