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Jinger Duggar and husband.

Is 'Counting On' Star Jinger Duggar Breaking the Duggar Family Rules?

Gettyimages | Michael Kovac
By Nic Morales

Jinger has been living a slightly, but noticeably different life since her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo. Right after they wed, the new couple left her family and started their own, independent life.

He was raised slightly different, the strict rules of the Duggar household didn't match up to his life. Although religious, he was able to attend public school, and it seems as though his thoughts on life are rubbing off on Jinger. Through social media, Jinger continues to show us that she is raising her young daughter, Felicity, different from her own upbringing.

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Legs in pants.
Unsplash | Kartini Maxson

Do you spot Felicity in pants in Vuolo's tweet? We do. Common practice in the Duggar household is the females wearing either dresses or skirts. Pants are a masculine type of dress, in their world.

Jinger is also listening to secular music, and enjoying and promoting hobbies unrelated to their church. It certainly seems like she is happy in her new life, in Laredo, Texas. She encourages her daughter, young Felicity, to play sports. Playing sports wasn't a big part of her childhood.

Jinger is a stay at home mom, such a hard job! Because she's home with her baby girl, she gets lots of time to take pictures and dote on Felicity.

As if breaking the rules of wearing pants and playing sports wasn't enough, she is making sure we are all aware of these changes. Her posts on social media frequently show breaking of the rules, many of the pictures posted on the couple's accounts show Felicity in pants.

Are the Vuolo's Expecting Baby Number Two?


Fans are certain Jinger is pregnant with their second baby. There is suspicion that the couple do not use birth control, breaking another Duggar rule, having only one child in their marriage so far. Toddler Felicity is already 18 months old. Three year of marriage is plenty of time to create another blessing, according to fans.

Having a toddler is a lot of work, a full-time job in itself. Jinger claimed on Counting On they are hoping to have another child after they get settled down from some recent life changes, moving to California.

She has avoided showing any pictures with her belly exposed and in view, further raising the questions about a pregnancy. Regardless if she is pregnant or not, she looks mighty happy.

She's exploring the world she lives in, her rule breaking not as bad as it could be. With everything in our world that can have a negative impact on people, like drugs, being vulgar, she seems to be staying on the straight and narrow.

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