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Dua Lipa Best Moments

Gettyimages | Jun Sato
By Stephanie Elmir

Dua Lipa is on top of the world, one of the hottest new artists to hit the Billboard charts. She's already made pop history by winning the best new artist and dance recording Grammys. There's few doing it as she does today.

There are so many elements to her persona, sleek wardrobe makeup, beautiful statuesque woman, talented singer. She's also a private person so there hasn't been bad press on her either. She's a great artist with so much potential.

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New Rules

Giphy | BRIT Awards

"New Rules" by Dua Lipa was the hit that made the world dance while contemplating their toxic ex-relationships. The sound was fresh, combining tropical pop, EDM, and electropop, making her a stand out artist from the UK music charts.

It's already hard for artists outside of the US to reach the US charts, but she made it! The attention from "New Rules" garnered critical acclaim for her album and gave her access to awards nominations. Specifically, MTV VMAs and Grammys.

Turning Down Harry Styles

Gettyimages | Rich Fury

Dua Lipa is known for cherishing her privacy and revealing hardly anything juicy to paparazzi. However, one thing she did let loose was that she turned down Harry Styles for all and any romantic potential.

Styles fans were shocked to learn this, One Directioners being hardcore about any affiliations. Dua Lipa clapped back, saying she doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to do. Moreover, she didn't feel pressured and stood her ground of morals. The two are still friends, her dating someone else.


Giphy | Capital FM

Dua Lipa was dragged online for a performance gone awkward, her dancing abilities questioned for it. It was turned into a hilarious meme of her moving her hips much like a metronome would rather than a performer. Moreover, people gutted her for looking bored while onstage.

Dua Lipa clapped back with a televised performance, showing everyone her dancing abilities exist and have improved. It's good to know she applies constructive criticism to her work. No one can mock her now.

Don't Start Now

Gettyimages | Jeff Spicer

Dua Lipa is going full glam with her new look and song "Don't Start Now". Just as popular as "New Rules" she is proving to be a strong contender for number one hits internationally.

Her style changed from tropical and youthful to sleek and glamorous, cementing her tone as an artist this year. Fans are waiting expectantly for the new album, hoping it's all just as good as the single. Cheers to Dua Lipa's future Grammy nominations when the album drops!

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