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Caitlyn Jenner Is 'Done' With Marriage, According To Her Manager Sophia Hutchins

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By Clark Sparky

Sophia Hutchins, who lives with Caitlyn Jenner, says that the 70-year-old is absolutely not getting married ever again. In fact, her 23-year-old friend says that Jenner, who has been married and divorced three times, is not really even interested in dating.


"Caitlyn will never, ever, ever [get married again]," Hutchins told InTouch Weekly. "Caitlyn is 70 and has been divorced three times and has 10 kids! She's done.

"Caitlyn definitely doesn't date," Hutchins continued. "Caitlyn definitely has tried to set me up with people, but Caitlyn has terrible taste. Our taste is so different and I don't even know if Caitlyn could set [me up]. Caitlyn's just weird about dating... We don't set each other up!"

Ironically, there were rumors last month that Hutchins and Jenner could actually be romantically involved with each other. Hutchins was quick to shoot that speculation down in an interview with The New York Times in December.

Hutchins said that the rumors started swirling just because neither her nor Jenner addressed them, but she made it clear they were false.

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"I don't feel a need to address my sex life, quite frankly, unless I want to," she told the Times, and said that she was simply Jenner's manager.

"I saw nobody was managing her, and there were all these people taking massive advantage," Hutchins said. "And I was saying, 'Caitlyn, if I don't step in here and start managing you, you're going to go broke.'"

In the InTouch Weekly piece, Hutchins says that she, too, is not currently dating anyone, although she was with somebody last month when the New York Times piece was published.

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"I did an article on the front page of the style section and I told them that I was dating someone," Hutchins explained. "At the time I was dating him. Since then, I'm still dating around, but it's not a focus. It's not a huge focus. I’m too busy. I can't deal with that s— right now."

Hutchins said her new issue is trying to find someone who is fine with dating someone in the spotlight. She revealed she cannot date men her own age because they are "too immature."

"You have to find people that want to be around for the right reasons, and I think that in addition to that, someone that's like," she said. "I can't date guys my age. They're too immature. So someone that's older."

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