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'Handmaid's Tale' Star Elisabeth Moss Has Joined the Church of Scientology

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By Lenny

The Church of Scientology has always been an odd contribution to the system of religion that a lot of people do not understand. Certain celebrities such as Elisabeth Moss have vocally joined the institution which has even more people perplexed about what the organization is actually about. Actors, John Travolta and Tom Cruise are loyal followers of this Church and have advocated for people to be a part of it. Many people are unaware of their practices as they keep their beliefs and ideologies under wraps.


Tom Cruise was one of the first major celebrities to support the Church of Scientology and many people are still resistant to joining such an obscure organization. The beliefs of Scientology have been constantly questioned as many believe it is either a cult or a money-making business. These observations have never been proven true or false due to their strict guidelines that don't allow public sharing of their practices or systematic beliefs. Only a surface-level interpretation of their actual ideologies have been released to the general public.

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Many of the locations where people of the organization practice or congregate are not open to the public. The global headquarters is actually based in Riverside County, not too far outside of Los Angeles. The churches heavily believe in extraterrestrial beings and desire humanity to reach their full potential through facing traumatic and fearful experiences head-on in order to maximize the capacity of humans. In many countries, the Church of Scientology isn't recognized as a legitimate institution with its extremely unusual beliefs.

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The very interesting and lingering question is why do major celebrities keep joining this institution? That is probably a key factor in why so many people find this organization to be fraudulent or odd because of the fact that not a lot of people are members of the Church. Plus, their religious practices are kept extremely hidden which is another unusual tactic. The celebrities who end up joining the Church are the ones who play extremely disturbing or death-defying roles in movies which may relate to why they end up being a part of the institution. Ultimately, Elisabeth Moss, John Travolta, and Tom Cruise may identify or relate to the practices of the Church due to their financial and artistic positioning in acting. They all have achieved a substantial amount of credibility throughout their careers and have also taken on roles that may seem far out for other actors in the business.

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