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MTV's 'Punk'd' Is Returning to Television With New Host Chance the Rapper

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By Lenny

Grammy award-winning artist, Chance the Rapper will be hosting the resurgence of MTV's classic television show, Punk'd. After Ashton Kutcher hosted the comedic reality series in 2003, MTV passed on the torch to the ever-so-talented Hip Hop artist. With it's last aired episode in 2007, fans were shocked to hear the wildly successful cable television show was ending but this didn't stop MTV from bringing it back to the mainstream media. The new season will feature young stars Megan Thee Stallion and many more.

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Ashton Kutcher co-founded the Punk'd series in 2003 and the show instantly became a hit as he crafted clever pranks on Hollywood's biggest stars. Some of the previous celebrities that were featured in the show have included Beyonce, Serena Williams, Halle Berry, Justin Timberlake and a long list of many more stars. The show did have a small resurgence in 2012 to 2015 which wasn't as successful as the first run but this time it may see a high rating with the popular Chicago artist on board.


The original pranks on the show were extremely elaborate and tactically genius. With themes that revolved around blue and white-collar crimes, Ashton Kutcher really knew how to fool ceratin celebrities earning himself the crown of reality show pranks. MTV's revival of Punk'd may because of this sudden resurgence of 2000s trends that we see in the media and entertainment as we start the new decade of 2020. Hopefully, trends regarding entertainment programming are as retractable as the recycle of clothing and questionable wardrobe stylistic choices.

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Chance the Rapper is known for his wit and charm so he could be a smooth replacement for the goofy and cunning, Ashton Kutcher. His crossover from music to comedy may be a shaky one at the beginning but with his smart-mouthed lyrics and intelligent verses, Punk'd should be a great avenue for Chance to release his humor. With 2020's access to new technology, hopefully the pranks for the MTV show will be more intense and elaborate. Punk'd managed to have 10 very successful seasons which rarely replayed on television after the series ended nearly 10 years ago. The revival of one of America's most entertaining gems may be one of the smartest decisions MTV has made in this decade because they are beginning to bring back a lot of popular reality game shows/formats that have always been a significant portion of American entertainment.

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