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The Relationships We Miss From 'The O.C.'

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter
By Stephanie Elmir

"The O.C." is a beloved staple in television history, with amazing characters and heartwrenching storylines. The source of drama and humor on the show were mostly from everybody's relationships.

Fans are also dying to see a revival, although it's highly doubtful that will happen. The reason for wanting it, is, of course, to catch up on all the relationships and friendships from the show. Full of heart, hope, and chaos, here are the best couples of the hit CW series.

Summer and Seth


One of the romantic odd couples of the show was that of Summer Roberts and Seth Cohen. Summer was a mean girl with ambition, totally resentful of Seth's existence. Meanwhile, Seth was a comic book nerd infatuated by Summer since childhood.

The two coming together was a hilariously awkward then sweet arc, the two complementing each other's opposing personalities. Not without drama, they also fought consistently and made up with cute compromises. Summer and Seth are the ideal image of high school sweethearts.

Ryan and Marissa

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Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper were the steamiest couples of "The O.C.". Both moody and angsty in different forms, their personalities were foils of each other.

Ryan was the kid with a police record from Chino turned honor student. Marissa was a rich girl with a partying problem and a death wish. These two were insanely passionate for each other, their moments filled with smolders and fights.

In the end, they didn't stay together because Marissa died in a car accident.

Sandy and Kirsten


The epitome of Mom and Dad, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen are the married couple that stole audiences' hearts. Much like Summer and Seth, Sandy and Kirsten are an odd domestic pair.

Sandy was a lawyer from New York City who was funny, kind, and charming. Kirsten was a goody-two-shoes heiress trapped in the social pressures of Orange County. Together, they balanced each other's moods and were supportive of their journeys.

Even when Kirtsen went to rehab for alcoholism, Sandy stood by her side.

Seth and Ryan


After Sandy Cohen basically adopts Ryan Atwood to his family, his new brother Seth becomes a touchstone in his chaotic life. Ryan and Seth are another odd couple, platonic this time, but unbreakable.

Best friends, the two do everything together on "The O.C." from video games to fist fights with enemies. Seth's nerdy persona is in perfect contrast to Ryan's serious and pensive nature.

Moreover, they provide the most laughs of the show, similar to Seth and Summer's witty banter, only goofier.

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