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Celebrities Spotted on Raya Dating App

Gettyimages | Erik Voake
By Stephanie Elmir

Raya is a celebrity dating app that only accepts 8% of its applicants. Extremely selective, users have to be part of the elite fold of actors, influencers, or millionaires. Over the years, there have been rumors of several A list celebrity sightings on Raya. However, because they can turn off their visibility whenever, it's hard to prove when they're seen on the app's stream.

Here are some of the high profile celebrities seen or confirmed to have been on Raya.

Nicole Byer

Giphy | NailedIt

Nicole Byer doesn't keep it a secret that she's out in the dating scene. She hosts a podcast called "Why Won't You Date Me?" where she confronts past lovers about why they broke up. Moreover, she has friends guest star on the podcast to talk about dating in general.

She's mentioned several times that Raya rejected her for years, presumably because she was a plus-sized African American woman. When she was finally accepted through a friend's recommendation, she discovered it was unfortunately mostly DJs.

Ben Affleck


After leaving Jennifer Garner for the nanny, Ben Affleck has been a single man. He's divorced in a new world of dating, single with fame and technology readily available for hookups. Affleck's probably cleaning up.

Confirming that he has used the app, Affleck also challenged Raya to donate money to "The Midnight Mission" an organization that helps addict recovery. Recounting his own battle with addiction, he attributes the organization to help those without his vast pool of resources. Your move Raya!

Trevor Noah

Giphy | The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah, comedian and host of "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central was spotted on Raya not too long before his breakup with model Jordyn Taylor. His profile reportedly had a selfie of himself in a tuxedo, his age displayed at 31.

However, his publicist revealed that he was doing research on dating apps for "The Daily Show". Maybe now that his relationship is over, Noah will use all that collected data for personal gain. Watch out for a king of late night comedy, ladies!

Drew Barrymore

Gettyimages | Dia Dipasupil

Drew Barrymore was open with Ellen Degeneres on her experiences with dating apps, specifically Raya. She heard that Amy Schumer found her ex-boyfriend on there, and was inspired to take the initiative. After divorce, she says she's been mostly unsuccessful in dating for the past four years.

To her dismay, she had little communication and most of them ended abruptly before ever going on a date. Being ghosted is a bummer, but legendary icon Drew Barrymore being ghosted? That's next-level awful.

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