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Nicki Minaj And Meek Mill Get Into An Altercation at Maxfield Clothing Store

Gettyimages | Mitchell Leff
By Ona L

The couple that fights together, stays together, right? Meek Mill and Micki Minaj have not been a couple for quite some time now, but it seems like there is bad blood between the former duo. Normally, when someone runs into their ex, they try to avoid them altogether or exchange a few pleasantries and keep it moving. Some even catch up and wish them well out loud but keep those bitter feelings and ill malice to themselves. This, unfortunately, was not any of the scenarios that played out this week when Minaj and Meek Mill happened to go to the same clothing store for some fresh looks.

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Nicki Minaj at event
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“TMZ” is reporting that there was a “shouting match” between the former couple. Both were at the high-end clothing boutique Maxfield in West Hollywood. People always talk about L.A being a small place but this run-in is crazy. Minaj was with her husband Kenneth Petty and reportedly, they were not too happy to see Meek Mill. We aren’t sure if Minaj felt like her ex needed to leave the store but soon after he got there the three-faced off.

Meek Mill performing
Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

In the video, you can see Meek Mill, who is wearing a white sweater or jacket not backing down as Petty and Minaj yell and scream in his direction. It is unknown how or why the fight started but it is clear that there is a lot of hate between the former couple. At one point, you can hear Petty yelling insults at Meek Mill and the rapper firing back with a few insults of his own. After they exchange a few words you can then hear Minaj in the background defending her man.

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty at event
Gettyimages | Johnny Nunez

The unfortunate part is the store was packed with shoppers and it looked like without intervention, the altercation could possibly escalate. The rapper was later seen being pushed out of the store by his security and the store’s security. Just before he was escorted out, Petty was heard yelling “she ain’t talking to you no more” followed up by a lot of words that were bleeped coming from Minaj. Store patrons can clearly tell that it is Minaj, Petty and Meek Mill fighting. They certainly didn’t try to be discreet.

Nicki Minaj performing
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No more has been reported about the incident. After a little investigating on Instagram it looks like both parties have not shared any information on what went down. The fight doesn’t seem to have carried on to social media, but we won’t write off an incident like that happening any time soon. Besides the video, the only other evidence so far that this went down was posts from rapper Retch who happened to be at Maxfield and posted pictures of himself with Minaj and Meek Mill separately. Let’s wait and see if he has anything to say in the coming days.

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