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morgan lolar and evan smith on Tempation Island

'Tempation Island' Star, Evan Smith, gets Wolf Tattoo After Cheating on Fiance, Morgan Lolar

Gettyimages | USA Network
By porschesimpson

Is anyone else completely shocked? Morgan Lolar and Evan Smith stole our hearts when they fell in love while filming the reality show, Temptation Island. After deciding to leave the island together, fans just knew they were going to last forever. Especially because Evan choosing to leave with Morgan, meant he was ending the 10-year relationship he had with his current girlfriend, Kaci Campbell. But, Evan moved out of the apartment they shared and bought a one-way plane ticket to Morgan’s hometown of Arlington, Virginia.

The twosome began posting each other on their social media accounts. Everyone thought they made the perfect couple who were going to live happily ever after. In fact, just six months after dating, Evan proposed to Morgan while cameras from Temptation Island were present, to share their story. Smith shared his excitement to date Morgan, with PEOPLE magazine saying, “The last year has been wild. The first six months [of our relationship], until the show was done airing, we really weren’t allowed to be out in public together. But ever since the finale, it’s been so much better. “

Once Morgan accepted the proposal, Evan began showing his true colors. It turns out, their relationship wasn’t as happy as it seemed. The upcoming news may have been a shock to others, but for real fans who know the backstory of Evan and his past actions towards his ex, Kaci, how he treated Morgan isn’t much of a surprise. Campbell revealed in PEOPLE the game plan she and Smith made before arriving on Temptation Island, and how he didn’t follow any of it. “I told him no matter what I see, no matter what I hear, under zero circumstances am I to blindside or humiliate him, and vice versa. That was a promise that we made to each other.-He did not follow the plan at all. “

Evan blindsided Kaci, choosing to leave the show with Morgan. Sadly, just a few months after getting engaged, Lolar found out that Evan was in fact cheating on her; posting on social media: “Is it ever okay for an ENGAGED man to leave his fiancé across the country to “work” but actually has nightly sleepovers with 21yo Instagram models? Oh, and his phone happens to “die” every night at the same time. I know, I’m a dumb ass and everyone saw it coming, but me #played”

Since unveiling the devastating news about her relationship, Morgan has deleted all photos of her with Evan, from her social media. The couple had plans to move to California together. Well, Lolar is still in Virginia, but Smith has in fact living in Los Angles. As a possible way to cope with the breakup, the reality star received a black tattoo of a wolf surrounded by flowers. What do you think it means? He’s a softie at heart? Although his Instagram account is still packed with photos of Morgan, these two have called it quits, shocking fans who were rooting for them. Do you hope they get back together?

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