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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Leaving is a Sigh of Relief for Royal Family

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By Ivy Pope

Megxit, or the exit of Meghan Markle and her husband, Prince Harry, is certainly all the media talks about lately. And they're usually focusing on the negatives!

Some people think that the exit of the couple was due to a troubled relationship with the public, while others believe that Markle and Middleton had a feud that pushed the exit to happen.

Regardless of why it happened, or what anyone is saying, shouldn't somebody talk about how relieved the couple must be? It's not easy living in a fishbowl.

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Let's Talk Markle and the Public

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Markle's relationship with Prince Harry was described as an 'ongoing problem' throughout her years as Duchess of Sussex. Honestly, who would want to stay with a family that constantly labels them an issue?

Of course, you have to thank the media for that. The media constantly portrayed everything Markle and Harry did as negative. I'm pretty sure the woman could sell all her expensive clothes and it would be labeled negative.

During the 'courting' period, Markle was described as a social climber, who was trying to rip Harry away from his family, and the public bought into it. Their Instagram was constantly blowing up with negative comments; which definitely ties back into the public having a warped perception of what's 'right' and 'wrong', especially when it comes to people who are in public positions, such as the royal family, celebrities and more.

Royal Protocols, What?!

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Personally, these 'royal protocols' would have driven me out of the royal family.

They were not allowed to hug or kiss their fans, as it's frowned upon for royals to touch their fans. While this has a security function, it's certainly a stiff way to approach people who follow your life.

They couldn't sign autographs! Of course, that did not stop Markle from breaking the rule.

Can we talk about how they stopped letting Markle be an actress? She left the drama Suits before entering the royal family in 2018 because it would not have been proper for her to receive her own income while receiving income from British taxpayers.

Markle and Harry no longer have to stand-in for the Queen at official royal events, which means a lot less events for them.

The royal family's tradition no longer decides whether they have a christening service for their children, or christen them at all. That's completely up to them now.

They're allowed to touch one another in public! Wow, being married to somebody and not being allowed to kiss them in public is... a lot to deal with.

Markle can go back to dressing casually. So could Harry.

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