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Amid Aaron Carter's Personal Struggles, Fans Offer Support on Social Media

Gettyimages | Gabe Ginsberg
By Zachary Holt

Aaron Carter has experienced his own degree of success in the past, but he hasn't come anywhere close to matching that of his older brother, Nick Carter, a member of the Backstreet Boys. Whether or not that burden has caused issues with the younger of the two is unclear.

However, it is likely that there have been some implications from being in the shadows. It's safe to say, though, that the last several years have not been kind to the singer, who has been displaying bizarre behaviors like starting up a GoFundMe page and escalating tensions within his family. Just recently, Carter posted a picture to Instagram, sharing some of this troubling thoughts.

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Aaron Carter Posts Selfie to Instagram Sharing Troubling Thoughts

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The photo in question which Carter posted to his personal Instagram account featured the singer taking a selfie in the mirror, wearing a black shirt. He accompanied the image with the caption, "It is hard to know what you are feeling, to be definite but knowing when it started is harder. Love is but another confusing thing that we are all trapped in, the webs you cannot get out."

Quickly fans on social media saw this as a cry for help and rushed to his aid, providing words of encouragement, as well as, offering some relationship advice for the singer.

Fans Rush to Social Media to Offer Words of Encouragement, Strength

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One particular fan shared with Carter that they had been a fan of his for as long as they could remember and also reminded him that so many people care about his well-being.

"You always feel like people are judging your or leaving you hateful comments, but the reason why most of us are here is because we care about you, I have been a fan of yours since I was less than 10 years old,” they expressed on Instagram. “You were a much better person, and I believe one day you can pull all it together, there will be one day❤️❤️."

Another user seemed to understand where Carter was coming from and offered support in a move of solidarity. "Sometimes the webs are all you have to move forward in life ❤️."

Social Media Provides Relationship Advice Amid Recent Issues

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It's well-known that Carter has gone through his ups and downs when it comes to romantic relationships, as many of us have. They offered encouraging words and advice regarding how to feel about love and romantic partners.

"Falling in love is easy it’s being honest when it hurts and angry when it’s not fair it’s to stay I love honest and faithful is the key,” while another Instagram user wrote. “Don’t think you’re never good enough for the skies when you think the skies are too much but in reality strike better than the skies and reach for the stars."

Yet another person on social media shared that people always have the ability to start fresh with a clean slate. "The human being always has the opportunity to start from scratch😉😉😉😘."

You Must Love Yourself Before Loving Anything or Anyone Else

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Mental illnesses can affect anybody and everybody, including those that have all the money and fame in the world. It's safe to say that Carter has had his struggles with mental health over the last several years, but it's refreshing to see people reaching out to him on social media amid his silent cries for help.

Regardless, he must learn to love himself before anything else, as one Instagram user shared to his account, "To seek love outside of self is always bitter. Especially when you seek love that is greater than the love you have for yourself."

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