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The Grammys Sexism Boycott Has Begun: Taylor Swift to Skip The Award Show

Gettyimages | Roy Rochlin
By Zachary Holt

It was only a matter of time before big-name musical artists would be announcing their boycotting of the 2020 Grammys award ceremony after the alleged sexism surrounding the controversial firing of the Recording Academy's first-ever CEO, Deborah Dugan. The incident stemmed from the former executive being placed on administrative leave for what the Recording Academy deemed 'bullying' and 'misconduct within the workplace'. It was only later revealed by people close to the organization and Dugan's lawyers that there was something more nefarious at play in her dismissal. Pop icon, Taylor Swift, has taken notice of the discriminatory practice and will not be attending the ceremony.

Deborah Dugan Fired for 'Misconduct in the Workplace' and 'Bullying'

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When it was reported that Dugan was being put on administrative leave and subsequently fired, people were clamoring to find out the reasons. After all, it was the Recording Academy's first-ever female CEO. While the organization claimed Dugan was bullying the former personal assistant of the previous CEO, sources revealed that Dugan was let go because of a damning memo that was sent out claiming that there were serious issues with voter fraud, conflicts of interest, and over misconduct by the committee that determines the winners of their respective awards. According to the Times, the allegations by Dugan included, "... voting irregularities, financial mismanagement, ‘exorbitant and unnecessary’ legal bills, and conflicts of interest involving members of the academy’s board, executive committee, and outside lawyers."

Swift's Absence from the Ceremony Confirmed by Variety and Page Six

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Variety was the first to report that the 'Lover' singer would not be making an appearance at the award ceremony, but now, Page Six is confirming that her absence has everything to do with the controversial ousting of former CEO Deborah Dugan and her sexism allegations.

Ironically, Swift's performance, should she have remained on the docket, included her hit song 'The Man' which is a very pointed song that speaks about the various disparities between men and women. The feminist-based song would have undoubtedly caused a stir amongst the controversy that is looming over the Recording Academy, but now, the artist won't even be there at all, despite being up for multiple awards.

Dugan Hires High-Security Detail Amid Death Threats Amid Sexism Allegations

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As for Dugan, the former chief executive has been receiving death threats since she was dismissed from the nonprofit organization. As a result, high-security detail has been hired in order to keep her safe around the clock, 24/7. Dugan's attorney, Byran Freedman issued a statement on the threats that Dugan has received and the subsequent security that is necessary to ensure he's safe. "Based upon credible and extremely disturbing information, Deborah Dugan now has 24-hour, round-the-clock security," he stated. Unfortunately, Dugan hasn't issued any statements herself, pending the investigation of the Recording Academy that is underway.

Will Current Fallout with the Boycott Continue Throughout the Weekend?

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It's currently unknown if other musical artists will follow Swift's lead, but if it's anything like previous award ceremonies where controversy has been at the forefront, more may join the boycott. In previous years, mass boycotts have taken place for reasons such as lack of diversity amongst nominations for award categories. With the Grammys, airing on January 26th, which is fastly approaching, we'll just have to see if there is a trickle-down effect that results in other big-name musical artists deciding to stay home.

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