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Annabella Sciorra Shares The Disturbing Details Of Allegedly Being Raped By Harvey Weinstein

By Clark Sparky

The rape trial of former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is currently ongoing in Manhattan, and on Thursday actress Annabella Sciorra took the stand to share her detailed account of the night she alleges he raped her in her own apartment in the early 90s.

She testified that she went to dinner with Weinstein, after which the two parted ways. Sometime later, he showed up at her apartment uninvited and forced himself on her.

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“He kept coming at me,” said Sciorra, who is the first female accuser to testify at the trial. “I felt overpowered because he was very big. He grabbed me ... and he led me into the bedroom ... and he shoved me on the bed. I can’t tell you exactly when his pants came off or exactly what happened.

"I was just trying to get away from him and he put my hands over my head to hold me back, and he got on top of me and he raped me.”

The New York Daily News has more details:

Sciorra, after barely choking out the last sentence, recalled how Weinstein ejaculated on her leg before delivering a twisted one-liner.

“I have perfect timing," he told the victim. Weinstein then performed oral sex on the actress, who begged him to stop but was too overwrought to fight back.

“It was just so disgusting that my body started to shake,” she testified at one point during her five hours on the witness stand. “That was very unusual. I didn’t really know what was happening. It was like a seizure.”

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“I felt at the time that rape was something that happened in a back alleyway,” testified Sciorra.

“I thought he was an OK guy,” she added. “I felt, I wished I would have never opened that door.”

She went on to describe how he later sent her a box of chocolate penises and another time at the Cannes Film Festival he showed up at her hotel room wearing nothing but his underwear and holding a bottle of baby lotion.

Rosie Perez testified on Friday to tell how Sciorra came to her about the rape. From

Perez, 55, told the court Sciorra called her in 1993 to arrange plans to hang out. During the call, Scorra started crying.

"She said something bad happened and she said, 'I think I was raped,' and her voice started shaking," Perez said, reports NBC News. "She started crying."

Perez said she asked Sciorra if she knew who the attacker was, but Sciorra did not say. A few months later, Sciorra told Perez it was Weinstein, so Perez asked Sciorra to go to the police.

"I can't," Sciorra replied, Perez recalled. "He'd destroy me."

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