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Is Meghan Markle Having an Interview Oprah or Ellen? Here's What We Know

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By Zachary Holt

People from all around the world have been waiting for the moment when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break their silence regarding their duty relinquishment and subsequent move to North America. Yes, Prince Harry issued a statement during a speech at a charity dinner in London last week, but people are looking for a more candid, one-on-one type of interview that really cuts to the core of their decision making. Well, rumors have been swirling lately that a possible Meghan Markle interview was in the making with Oprah or Ellen Degeneres. Here's what we know.

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Both Interview Opportunities with Oprah and Ellen Not Happening

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The first 'rumored' interview for Markle was going to be with Oprah. After all, not only is she friends with both Markle and Prince Harry, but she also attended their wedding. However, only shortly after this rumor began to trend, it was quickly shot down by the couple's representation. Then came Ellen Degeneres. Like Oprah, Degeneres also has a relationship with the couple. Markle and Denegeres met at an animal shelter years ago and have remained in contact since. It seems, though, that this interview won't be happening either, according to royal sources.

Royal Sources Make Statement on Interviews with Meghan

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Sources close to Meghan and Harry told Entertainment Tonight and People Magazine that any report claiming that the Duchess of Sussex would be sitting down for an interview with Ellen Degeneres or any interviewer is 'categorically untrue'. Whether this denial is correct, we don't know. But if Markle was to have an interview with anyone, Oprah or Degeneres would be great options, as it would be the type of interview that does cause a rift with Markle. Other programs such as 60 Minutes are more about making their interviewees uncomfortable through the asking of tough questions. It's unlikely that Markle would submit herself to that after all the negative media attention she's experienced lately.

Oprah Previously Came Out in Support of Prince Harry and Meghan's Decision

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It also helps during an interview when the person asking the questions already supports the one answering them. Previously, Oprah came out and supported the couple's decision, citing that any decision that someone makes for their family can't be criticized because they don't know the details. "I support them 1000 percent," the media mogul said.

"You know why I support them?” she continued, as she asked the audience. “I support them because I believe that when you have thought about this as long as they have—and even in the queen’s statement, everyone take note where the queen says, ‘This has been going on for months, these discussions have been going on for months’—so when you’ve thought about it for months, and when Harry said … that he had to make the decision … in order to move forward in peace with his new family … but who doesn’t feel that."

Prince Harry and Oprah Working on Mental Health Documentary for Apple

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It'll certainly be interesting to see if the couple does break their silence, but if someone had to put money on it, Oprah might be the way to go. It's worth noting, that Oprah and Prince Harry have partnered to began making a documentary on mental health that is to be added to Apple's new streaming service.

Again, we might have to wait a little while for everything to calm down around them, after all, it's only been a week since Harry landed in Canada.

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