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Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson 'Thinks' He Will Marry His Childhood Sweetheart, Eleanor Calder

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By Alan Blake

Louis Tomlinson who was once a One Direction member, seems to be sure about marrying Eleanor Calder, his sweetheart since their childhood times. Although the two have had a long relationship and split up sometimes, they appear to be growing strong every day since making up in 2017. Rumors about their marriage are still circulating. In an interview, Louis responded to the rumors and confirmed he had seen them, and they are untrue. Both are still legally single, although he claims to see a marriage in the future.

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He talked of the ‘luxury’ with his sweetheart as the fact that he got to know her even before ‘What Makes You Beautiful,’ which was their first single. They have both gone through growth and seen it happen together. He recounted the debut at One Direction, which skyrocketed the careers of Niall Horan, Louis, Liam Payne’s, Zayn Malik, and Harry Stylez in 2011, which is when they began dating. As such, Louis believes Eleanor was there from the beginning.

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Louis visualizes Eleanor being there for the entire ride. He responded to the question about marrying her saying he imagines it will happen one day, and that he would love to add more ‘sons.’ Louis and Briana Jungwirth, a stylist, share a son, Freddie Reign, who is four years old. Freddie was born in January 2016, and Eleanor and Louis had split up at the time. The singer was promoting a solo album ‘Walls’ whose release date is scheduled for January 31st. Louis has drawn personal life experiences into the album, which makes it vulnerable for him.

Louis Tomlinson
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The album contains tracks like ‘Two of Us,’ which the star wrote for Johannah Deakin, his late mother. He stated that the song helped fans who had suffered losses. They opened up to him after listening to the track confessing it had helped them a lot. Louis opened up about yet another loss he had gone through in life. Félicité Tomlinson, his sister, had passed on when she was 18, following an accidental drug overdose. He went ahead to share the challenging moment with the newspaper.

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According to him, the challenge was seeing people discuss what probably happened online when they had no idea. Reading the speculations and details about his family was difficult, although he revealed that he later realized that almost all the information shared was kind, and this made him feel loved. The teenager became a consistent drug user after her mother’s demise in 2016. According to her GP, Dr. Paul Eulinge, she refused to quit drugs despite knowing they were a possible cause of death.

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