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Adele's Significant Weight Loss: Is Divorce Doing Good for Singer's Body?

Gettyimages | Mike Marsland
By Alan Blake

Adele has all along managed to keep her personal life private. However, she has incredibly lost weight, and she has no way to hide it. Her Anguilla 2020 photos emerged and she looks quite different. Camila Goodis, who was Adele’s trainer, had been working with the star after Angelo’s birth, the ‘Hello’ singer’s son, 7. According to Camila, Adele’s split with Simon Konecki in April, and their September divorce has helped the 31-year old singer get the best body she has ever had.

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Camila believes Adele is a happy person following the divorce. According to her, a divorce is a significant source of motivation towards having good feelings about oneself. As a divorcee, Camila recounts how she resolved to get the best version of her after the divorce, and not for anyone but herself. She believes it’s what Adele did. She continues that the divorce must have been quite a positive thing for Adele. She did not just lose a husband on April 29, but a couple of dress sizes too.

Adele Laurie
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At the split up, Adele’s representatives went ahead to put a statement saying that the singer and Simon had separated, but would remain committed to raising Angelo their son together, and lovingly. They also asked for privacy. Taking to Instagram, Adele appeared a happier person following the breakup. She posted a meme that showed a quite sad and emotional Adele, while the other side photo showed a seemingly confident and empowered person. The photos bore a caption saying, “When you get caught up in your feelings, but then remember the person you are.”

Adele Laurie
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The meme marked her first reaction since the breakup, which happened barely two weeks before she took to Instagram. Her fans were thrilled that the star was not emotional. Contrary to what she posted, some fans seemingly expected her to drop some heartbreaking ballads. Others went ahead to imagine her dropping an album about the joy of being single and independent, terming it as one that would be quite exciting. Perhaps her reaction was so confident that some fans even thought someone had hacked Adele’s account.


Camila guesses that her former client has lost about 70 pounds to look fantastic as she is. She, however, notes that Adele does not need to lose any further, saying that she has got it already and looks perfect. Adele is reportedly the one who filed the divorce in September in California, where the couple had been living since 2016 after their wedding. According to a report released by the US Magazine, the couple was disappointed by the turnout of their relationship. The relationship had grown to become more of a friendship than romantic love.

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