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No Ellen Interview For Meghan Markle After All

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By Mario Perez

An interview with Meghan Markle post-Megxit is pretty much the entertainment exclusive of the decade. That is why a lot of stars are actually pushing to be able to obtain the interview. In the past few days, it was looking like Ellen Degeneres was the clear front runner to be able to obtain the exclusive.

Sources from the Daily Mail had said that both Markle and Ellen had already sat down to go over a lot of the details. Yet, the "negotiations" may not have gone as planned. This leaves a lot of speculation as to who will get the interview and why.

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What We Know

Before stepping into any type of speculation it is important to highlight more of the facts on the matter or at least what people in the know are saying. According to the Daily Mail a source from the Ellen Show told them, "'Ellen and Meghan have already discussed a sit-down interview. That has been in the works for quite some time now,'.

Now there it seems that the conversations have gone quite. This may actually be due to the fact that Oprah Winfrey wants to get an exclusive of her own.

Why Is Ellen The Perfect Candidate?

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The main reason why it would seem that Ellen is going to get the exclusive is the fact that she actually has a friendship with Meghan Markle. It may not be the closest relationship, but there, certainly is some type of connection between the two.

The format of Ellen Show is a lot more sympathetic and friendly at times. Compared to what Oprah has become over the years. Where it feels that she is putting people almost on the witness stand. With Ellen, Meghan could feel more comfortable and that may be why she has already sat down to talk to her.

Oprah Is Suddenly In The Picture


If Ellen is likely to get the exclusive with Meghan, but that does not mean that Oprah won't put up a fight or get an exclusive of her own. Oprah's getaway to Montecito with Meghan's mother actually scored her an invite to the royal wedding. It would be naive to think that an exclusive between Oprah and Meghan's mother is not in the works.

Meghan's mother is pretty much the only person in her close family that has not already gone public with something regarding this situation.

The Boring Option

Breaking completely away from the Royal Family is not an easy task. This is something that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex certainly have found out by now. The royals have a long-standing agreement with the BBC. Which, basically gets first dibs on all of the royal stories.

One of the conditions that may be given to Harry by the government to be able to break off from his royal duties could be that he has to talk to the British source first. This is probably one of the most realistic options out there.

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