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Are People Here For This Whitney Houston Hologram?

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By kenadijiba

Once in a lifetime is the universe blessed with a talent that shines so bright. Whitney Houston was known for being "The Voice" of a generation because of how dynamic she was when she sang. Her performance of The Star Spangled Banner is just one example of her legendary pipes mystifying a nation. There are now many pop stars in our social sphere, but to happen upon someone who possesses such a God given genius is slim to none. It is clear that Whitney is and always will be missed like a handful of other compelling stars. But, as much as the public wishes that they could all come back and be apart of music again. Is it morally okay to use advanced technologies to "revive" them?

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Whitney Houston On Tour?


Recently it was announced along with two haunting photographs that a hologram would be performing as Whitney Houston. The response to this was overwhelmingly negative and in many ways seen as disrespectful to the memory of a special artist. The question that could have been asked in meetings over whether this should be done is if Whitney would have cosigned this after death. Of course, artists do desire that their music lives on long after they pass, but would she have been comfortable at the notion of her likeness being emulated in an experimental hollow like manner, Fans believe she would of wholeheartedly objected to this.

Is This A Cash Grab?


Only a few times prior has this been done before. Once with the late influential rapper Tupac Shakur as his hologram performed with Snoop Dogg. The footage alone is a telling representation as to why this should not be normalized. Many people felt uncomfortable dancing along and watching a "ghost-like" figure on stage. Trying to replicate a human being is a dangerous path to go down in any fashion and some people find it to be more so money motivated than anything else. With Whitney Houston it appears that her brother and his wife are heading this project, and the underbelly of it all looks like a grab at an opportunity.

Do We Need Actors Anymore?

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A similar situation is also arising with a new film concerning the acting pioneer and forever rebel without a cause, James Dean. Filmmakers are going through with digitally inserting James Dean into this ominous film. The same response prevailed with people very upset over milking the dead. Ultimately what is wrong with just popping in an old Whitney album and enjoying it, or watching East of Eden for the 10th time. To go down this road of technologically recreating human souls wont ever work, nor bring that same magic.

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