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Is Coronavirus The New Ebola?

Unsplash | Brittany Colette
By kenadijiba

Millions of people have been quarantined in China due to the possible spreading of a new virus that has people shaking in their boots. Flights from and to China have been stopped and there are new cases erupting from all quarters of the world. One case with a man who just traveled to China from Seattle was recognized, as well as now another person in Texas. This uncontrollable virus that acts like the flu can be passed by human contact which has the public feeling more helpless than ever. This declaration now has many wanting to stay in their houses and glue some gloves on, but is this as big of a threat as Twitter is proclaiming. Are countries taking the proper measures to contain this unknown entity, this boogeyman. Could we have another Ebola on our hands.

Ebola Part 2


It seems like just yesterday when "The Ebola" mania was happening. Similar to this situation with the Coronavirus everything started happening out of nowhere and people were losing their lives. The information to the public wasn't too clear and then slowly but surely Ebola fell out of the discussion loop. Was there even a cure for Ebola that was publically established, and will the medical community go about this powerful virus in the same fashion. Time can only tell, but as for now, the Chinese government looks to be getting a handle on protecting civilians from causing a mass outbreak. If all procedures are taken in a timely manner then the outcome of this could be a positive one.

What Precautions Should We Take?

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It would be greatly appreciated if we all were given a set of rules to follow on how to protect us from this virus. Should we avoid touching things? Would wearing a mask be appropriate. Staying off of airplanes and buses? It looks like these precautions have not been established yet, and possibly for good reason. If there is nothing to worry about at the moment then why spiral out into an anxiety-ridden state of mind. We all collectively should not be worried until of course there is something to worry about. So, put away the plague memes and go talk a breathy walk outside unless you happen to pass someone who is coughing uncontrollably, then you might want to just become a shut-in for a while. Just kidding, this is not the movie Contagion so please enjoy your life.

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