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Antonio Brown Literally Runs Out of Jail After Posting Bail, Judge Issues Stringent Stipulations

Gettyimages | Michael Reaves
By Zachary Holt

Things finally caught up to the disgruntled and mentally unstable former wide receiver after he turned himself in after he committed crimes at his home in Florida, including felony battery. It's reported that Antonio Brown and his trainer were throwing rocks at a passing moving truck. The exact details are unknown, but the truck driver was assaulted by Brown and his trainer, ultimately resulting in both of their arrests. AB wouldn't stay in jail, long though, as he was hesitantly released on bail. Upon being released, he took off sprinting out of the facility as though he was back on the football field. He wouldn't be able to go far, as the judge placed major stipulations on his release.

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Brown Released on Bail Despite Perception of Flight Risk and Crimes

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It was unknown whether Brown would even be released on bail due to his sporadic, destructive, and dangerous behavior that he's exhibited since being released by the New England Patriots following reports that he was sending threatening text messages to the victim in a case where he was charged with sexual abuse. Prosecutors were citing that not only was Brown a flight risk, but his mental instability could lead to further problems down the road, a risk they weren't willing to take. Nonetheless, he was released on bail at the price of $100,000, thanks to the help of a bail bondsman.

Judge Issued Massive Stipulations for Brown to be Bailed Out

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The judge for the ruling levied quite a few stipulations for Brown once he was released. To prevent him from leaving the country, or at least, the state, he was ordered to wear a GPS monitoring device so that police could track all of his movements. Additionally, he was ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation within ten days of his release from jail, relinquish all firearms that he currently owns, submit to routine drug testing and monitoring, surrender his passport, and maintain no contact with the alleged victim.

Bond Hearing Gets Testy Between Prosecutors and Brown's Representation

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Perhaps what's more telling from this ordeal was how the bond hearing went. Suffice it to say that things got a little testy between Brown's party and the prosecutors. AB was brought into the courtroom wearing cuffs on both his wrists and ankles, as well as, an anti-suicide smoke, designed to prevent inmates from hurting themselves.

With prosecutors arguing that given the severity of the crime and that Brown was a substantial flight risk, they argued he should remain in jail until his trial date. However, his legal representation responded by saying that 'We're talking about scratches'. Regardless of their arguments during the bond hearing, Brown was released, subsequently running out of the facility.

The Future Is Not Looking Very Bright For the Former Wide Receiver

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It's unknown what the charges exactly carry for Brown, but it's likely that he will be given some time considering that he could be designated as a threat to society with a sexual assault and battery charge pending from two different incidents.

We'll have to wait and see what happens for Brown following the psychological evaluation and the subsequent trials that will be down the road. It's truly amazing, though, how far he has fallen from just several years ago as one of the most coveted wide receivers in the NFL.

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