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Olivia Culpo at an event

Olivia Culpo Stuns In Chest-Baring Jumpsuit From Her Bathroom

Monica Schipper/Getty Im
By Rebecca Cukier

Olivia Culpo was more than head-to-toe coordinating in her Friday Instagram update. The "Sports Illustrated" model has a knack for getting her social media updates to offer that little something extra – this set of photos managed to see the 27-year-old showcase both her fierce body and her ability to blend in just about anywhere.

Olivia has been making headlines for appearing on social media with boyfriend Christian McCaffrey. The NFL star wasn't with his "it" girl lady in today's snaps, although it's fair to assume that this lucky guy isn't complaining about his girlfriend on the looks front.

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An 'Effort To Post More Outfit Photos'

Olivia Culpo poses in a jumpsuit by a bathtub
Olivia Culpo/Instagram

Olivia's photos showed her posing glamorously in a fully marbled bathroom. The brunette was matching textured gray slabs via a very revealing and glittery silver jumpsuit with a plunging neckline – Culpo had gone bold with the amount of chest on show, also appearing to be rocking a braless look.

Olivia's jumpsuit was showing off her bronzed chest, also affording a reminder of her overall slender frame. Olivia posed on the edge of a bathtub, also taking to her caption to give some shout-outs.

"In an effort to post more outfit photos... My look from last night in @raisavanessa 🤩 @priscillavalles @hairbypucciarello @cgonzalezbeauty @sonjamchristensen," she wrote.

Instagram Thinks She's Straight-Up Fire

Olivia Culpo poses in a red bikini
Olivia Culpo

Instagram is in love with this girl. The platform definitely appeared to adore this update, with fans quickly filling up the comments section to Olivia's post.

"Stoppppppp," one fan wrote.

"Absolute...," another added with multiple fire emoji.

"So gorgeous," another added.

Olivia does, indeed, appear to have hit "it" girl status. Despite not being a regular on the high-fashion runway – "Sports Illustrated" is Olivia's domain – the model is regularly invited to high-profile launch parties and fashion events. The resulting snaps are likely excellent promo for the various brands that Olivia influences for.

Her Way Of Tolerating Social Media Trolls – No Room For 'False' Words

Olivia Culpo takes a selfie
Olivia Culpo

Olivia has recently made headlines for a little social media activity. The model appeared to defend Cara Santana following her recent split from "Desperate Housewives" actor Jesse Metcalfe – Olivia shared a Regina George meme with "Don't cheat...nobody likes a cheater" as text. Content was then posted tagging Cara.

It turns out that Olivia her her own views on the "false" aspects of social media, overall.

“There are always things people say that are either completely false or things people think just because they don’t know you. I have a pretty good handle on when that happens. If there’s absolutely no truth to it, I don’t even think about it, I just think, ‘This person’s insane,’” Olivia told Haute Living.

The Career Didn't Just Happen, Moving To L.A. Was A Giant Adjustment

Olivia Culpo poses for a photo
Gettyimages | Rachel Murray

Olivia was born in Rhode Island, staying on the East Coast before her career took her to Los Angeles.

“When I first moved to L.A., I was feeling really upset,” she recalled.

“It took such a long time to adjust to the difference in people and lifestyle, but eventually I did settle into it. I felt a little isolated at first because everything is so far away. It’s not like New York City, where I was living before, where you can walk to everything. Now, I can’t just go home and always see my mom and dad and family and childhood friends. That was so hard for me because I’m so close to them," she added.

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