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Beyonce Defends Sister Solange Over Rappers Hurtful Lyrics

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By kenadijiba

Although Queen Bey has a reputation for being a calm and collected powerful woman it is obvious when it comes to her family she doesn't play. Her support for her sister Solange especially shines through ever so brightly. It can't be understood the pain that comes with being in constant comparison with someone you love. It is as if anything Solange does she will never be able to reach the heights of Beyonce. So, recently Fabulous a very popular 2000's era rapper went onto "The Breakfast Club" and shed light on an incident where Beyonce made it clear she wasn't going to have anyone defame the achievements of her sister, even if it was just a careless verse.

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The Effect of "The Breakfast Club"


If breaking celebrity news is anticipated on any show the bet would be with "The Breakfast Club". Time and again people within the hip hop culture as well as outside of it seem comfortable with letting private experiences run free. There is also the component of expecting real life questions hitting you because of how notorious Charlamagne Tha God is when it comes to that. This show has also birthed some of the greatest meme moments of all time. Whether it be Bird Man popping out of nowhere and saying the iconic phrase " Put Some Respect On My Name" or Soldier Boy gifting us all with comedic genius for an hour there have been shocking scenes we can all dig from this unprecedented radio show.

Beyonce and Solange's Relationship

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If we take the time to look at the way Beyonce handles her personal business we could all agree that she is a boss at flipping troublesome situations. But, she decided not to take that humble approach when dealing with confronting the rapper Fabulous on his casual rap lyrics. In an old verse, Fabulous said " If you had Beyonce would you take Solange". Obviously this probably would have an effect on anyone whether their sister is Beyonce or not. Like the old saying goes "Comparison is the thief of joy" and Beyonce being the empathetic human she is immediately wanted her sister's feelings to be validated.


In a respectful manner, Fabulous said Beyonce took him aside and said "let me holla at you" for a moment. As soon as they were in a secluded space she explained to Fabulous that his words carry weight and even if he doesn't pay attention to what he says about a celebrity who seems so " out of touch" and not "real" their feelings do matter. What is said about anyone can hold the power of putting a forever stain on their soul. That moment for him where Bey let it be known how profound his words can be changed the manner in which he goes about his creative process. Thank goodness Beyonce got to him before Jay Z.

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