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Krisen Doute Katie Maloney, and Stassi Schroeder ate event

Vanderpump Rules, Kristen Doute: 4 Possible Reasons Why Her Former Besties Have Shut Her Out

Gettyimages | Ari Perilstein
By Ona L

Kristen Doute is apparently hella confused as to why her former best friends Stassi Schroeder and Katie Maloney are currently not feeling her. Doute is having a hard time adjusting to having a lack of friends who will continue to put up with her bad behavior. The James Mae t-shirt creator talked about the strained relationship she has with her girls on the “Kickin’ Back With Kelly” podcast on RADIOONE.COM. Doute claims she doesn’t know why she is being treated this way but explains that it is “not fun”. She went on to say, “I’m really interested in why we are the way we are because I really don’t know.” Well, let’s all take a quick look back on some of the possible reasons why Kristen finally deserves this shutout.

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She Slept With Jax

Brittany Cartwright, Jax Taylor, Brian Carter, and Kristen Doute at event
Gettyimages | Rachel Murray

Back before Stassi was engaged to Beau, she was dating Jax. Her relationship was certainly odd many fans believe she was too good for Jax but maybe Kristen didn’t think she was good enough. At some point in the couple’s relationship, Kristen made the decision to hook up with Jax knowing he was with her supposed best friend. The news came out later then it should have but Stassi was so upset she slapped the hell put of Kristen. She also could have dropped her as a friend right there but for some reason she let her hang around. Maybe now she is finally content enough to realize she doesn’t need a friend like that.

She Lies All The Time

Brin Carter and Kristen Doute at event
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We can’t count on our hands how many times Kristen has lied about simple things like who she is dating or how much she has had to drink. At times, it seems like she is incapable of being honest. The latest lie to upset her friends and one of the reasons for the rift is her friend is her relationship with Brian Carter (he goes by Carter). Her Friends believe that she is allowing herself to be used by Carter financially mostly and sometimes emotionally. No one knows the full story behind her relationship with Carter, but it was enough to make her girls want to jump ship. The couple is now broken up, but did Kristen do this in hopes of an invite to Stassi’s wedding or because she really feels like Carter is no good for her?

Her Temper and Alcohol Consumption

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Kristen has a bad temper. Honestly, who doesn’t in this society when everything is a trigger? One of the last times we saw Kristen’s temper flare up was last season during the girl’s trip that she almost didn’t get invited to. The girls went to Solvang thanks to LaLa and Randall Emmett’s private jet. Things were already tense between Kristen and the girls and she might have drunk a little too much. Not only did she fall in a frightening way, she was also pretty aggressive towards the girls and the crew. Maybe Stassi and Katie are just sick of having to deal with hot-headed, drunk Kristen everywhere they go. She should hire a drunk sitter.

She Ruined Scheana’s Wedding


Scheana was the first of the immediate cast to have her wedding on the show. No one would have thought that Kristen would show up and get into a loud, aggressive fight with ex-boyfriend James Kennedy. Even Jax Taylor admitted that she was “crazy”. During an interview with “OK! Magazine”, Jax admitted that not only did Kristen ruin the day for Scheana, but some of the cast also had a conversation asking her not to make any bad decision that day and she did anyway. Maybe Stassi just doesn’t want her wedding to have any mishaps. Stassi has enough drama of her own so inviting Kristen to the wedding and not being able to watch her long enough to prevent any drama would be impossible. She is, unfortunately, untrustworthy.

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