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Jennifer Lopez Should Have Said NO to These Films Instead

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison
By Ben Robinson III

One would think that singer/actress/dancer/style icon Jennifer Lopez would have absolutely no regrets at this point in her career. She has been one of the hardest working actresses in show business for a very long time, and there seem to be no signs of her slowing up anytime soon. However, she's still human like the rest of us (though it seems like she's aging backward like Benjamin Button). And although she's had tons of hits there have been a few movies that made audiences question "J. Lo, what the hell were you thinking?"

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Other than 2000's bizarre LSD trip The Cell one movie that clearly comes to mind is the 2003 critically panned, worse thing they've ever seen flick Gigli, featuring J. Lo and then-boyfriend Ben Affleck. Actually, there were a few heavy hitters attached to the film as well including Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Justin Bartha who many will remember as the beloved misplaced friend Doug in 2009's classic buddy comedy The Hangover. Well unfortunately for Gigli there was nothing beloved about its reviews.


At the time, Roger Ebert said;

So the movie doesn't work. The ending especially doesn't work, and what's worse, it doesn't work for a long time, because it fails to work for minute after minute, and includes dialogue which is almost entirely unnecessary. But there is good stuff here. Affleck and Lopez create lovely characters, even if they're not the ones they're allegedly playing, and the supporting performances and a lot of the dialogue is wonderful. It's just that there's too much time between the good scenes. Too much repetitive dialogue. Too many soulful looks. Behavior we can't believe.


Gigli was widely panned by pretty much everyone, making it one of the worse movies of all time. And although J. Lo may regret adding Gigli to her catalog there's one movie she turned down that she wished she would have said yes to. Showbiz Cheatsheet reports;

Although she has had a career that seems second to none, Lopez does have a few regrets along the way. In a recent interview, Lopez revealed that she still regrets not accepting the lead role in the 2002 movie Unfaithful.


Another film most critics believed J. Lo should have stayed far, far away from was the hackneyed comedy Maid in Manhattan. And a review from the BBC's film section was less than stellar.

There are two things you should know. One: Jennifer Lopez is not funny. Two: Ralph Fiennes is less funny than Jennifer Lopez. Together they're about as humorous as a root canal. But then, Kevin Wade must've pulled a few teeth writing this script, which becomes more laboured at every turn

Luckily for J. Lo she's at the point in her career now where even if she turns down a role there's certain to be another one waiting for her, if she chooses to accept it.

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