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Wendy Williams May Be Looking For A New Housewives Bestie After Fallout With NeNe Leakes

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By Ona L

After the unfortunate falling out with NeNe Leakes, Wendy Williams may be on the hunt for a new best friend in the housewives’ franchise. The talk show host is an avid watcher of the show and she regularly uses “The Wendy Williams Show” to comment on some of the drama that goes down especially in Atlanta, Jersey, and New York. Williams recently came to the defense of a housewife other than Mrs. NeNe Leakes. In fact, we didn’t even know that this housewife was on her radar because she does not make a lot of waves.


Jackie Goldschneider from the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” found herself in some drama on this weeks episode. SPOILERS are coming up so be ready. The Mom of two sets of twins had a birthday party for one set of her twins. Like any normal mom Jackie had a regular party on her property, she served pizza and a Nutella cake basically all the things her kids love. Jackie has never been one to spoil her kids or gift them with things they are too young for or don’t even need. Dare we say, she is one of the most practical housewives in the entire franchise?

Jennifer Aydin on What What Happens Live
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Unfortunately, the women she is forced to be friends with were not impressed with her choice of party or food. Jackie was accused of being cheap and not catering to the adults at a kid’s party. So, who was the catalyst for these comments? None other then nouveau riche Jennifer Aydin. The newest Jersey housewife has done nothing but stir the pot and talk about money since joining the cast. It is absolutely not surprising that she would be more concerned with how much money was spent then how much fun the kids are having.

Jackie Goldschneider on Watch What Happens Live
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Williams was on Jackie’s side; she told her audience that Jackie did the right thing. “If the 12-year-old and his friends like pizza, then get the pizza… Just because your friend has a lot of money, it’s not your party!” Williams went on to say that Jennifer should have bought her own food if she was so concerned. “If you wanted gourmet food, then why didn’t you bring it?” Williams admitted she would have served the same food at her kid’s party

Cast of the Real Housewives of New Jersey
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“Those kids want pizza, some Nutella cake and maybe some Kool-Aid, that would be a nice birthday!’ she claims “I don’t feel the need adults need to please each other at kids parties, unless the adults bring their own thing… Do you want to wrap sandwiches? Then bring it! And, I wouldn’t be insulted, but you’re going to leave me alone.” Melissa Gorga's fellow castmate took Jackie’s side while her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice sided with Jennifer. Jackie gets a lot of hate especially when it comes to money and not spending it frivolously. The irony is, she might be one of the richest housewives in the franchise. She has proved several times she isn’t lacking money. Hopefully, with Williams now on her side (for he most part) she will be seen in a better light.

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