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Selena Gomez poses on the red carpet fixing her hair

Selena Gomez Shares Her Fangirl Moment with Jennifer Aniston

Gettyimages | Taylor Hill
By Natalie Hunter

Selena Gomez quickly became famous after starring on the Disney Channel. The child star was able to flawlessly transition into the adult phase of her career as a singer and starred in movies like 'Spring Breakers' and 'The Dead Don't Die.' Despite her stardom, Gomez had a fangirl moment of her own recently. Gomez met Jennifer Aniston in a bathroom and will never forget that moment. Gomez brought it up when she went on 'The Ellen Show' and Aniston was interviewing her as guest host.

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According to HollywoodLife, Gomez recalled that Aniston was wearing a black dress and that "heart like stopped" when she realized who Aniston was.

When Aniston asked if she was pleasant in person, Gomez responded, “You were fine. You were everything that I wanted.”

“Bless your heart,” Aniston said flattered by Gomez's kind words.

Gomez also revealed that immediately after the interaction, she ran out and freaked out with her mom.

“First off, are you guys kidding? Rachel was my life!” Gomez said still shocked that she was talking to Rachel Green.

Giphy | Friends

Gomez then went on to share how much 'Friends' meant to her growing up.

“You know what makes me so happy is that I would watch it on channel 33 at 10:30 every night on Thursday with my mom and I cried when the whole season was over,” Gomez said. “But what made me so happy is like now people my age and everyone else is just obsessed and it makes me so happy for you and for the show because it’s iconic."


Gomez was on 'The Ellen Show' to talk about her hit album "Rare." The album took the No. 1 Album spot on the Billboard charts. Gomez made an Instagram post thanking fans for helping her album secure the spot. She admitted that she felt bad having to ask for her fans' help. Many fans believed that she was shading Justin Bieber who had begged Tik Tok users to help his single "Yummy" get to the No 1. single spot on the Billboard charts.

Giphy | SAG Awards

Aniston's career has also been taking off ever since her stint as Rachel on 'Friends.' Currently, she is starring on Apple's streaming service's drama 'The Morning Show.' She recently won a SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series. Aniston was the center of attention for fans during the awards ceremony after not only managing to keep her dress wrinkle-free but also was the center of Brad Pitt's attention. Pitt seems to be trying to win Aniston back.

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