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Kristen Doute (left), Katie Maloney-Schwartz (middle) and Stassi Schroeder (right) sit holding glasses of wine

'Vanderpump Rules' Star Kristen Doute Still Isn't on Speaking Terms with Stassi and Katie

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By Natalie Hunter

'Vanderpump Rules' fans are dying to find out why Kristen Doute is no longer friends with Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Stassi Schroeder. At the beginning of the season premiere, Lisa Vanderpump hinted that so much drama would go down this season that it would destroy friendships beyond repair. Other than that, the only signs of falling out is Stassi and Katie becoming increasingly frustrated at Kristen for letting ex Carter live with her. According to HollywoodLife, Kristen is just as confused as fans is.

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Kristen was a guest on RADIO.COM's podcast Kickin’ Back with Kelly. When host Kelly Dillon asked how things are going with her friendships with Stassi and Katie. Kristen claimed that things between them are “not fun.”

Kristen also revealed that she doesn't understand why Stassi and Katie refuse to speak to her.

“I’m really interested in why we are the way we are because I really don’t know,” Kristen revealed. She even tried to rewatch the series in an attempt to understand the fallout.

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Kristen also shared that she does hope to repair her relationship with them, but hopes that it doesn't take long.

“I hope that we do, and I hope that it happens sooner than later because I feel like at some point there’s a possibility that I will get to a point where I just say, ‘Do I even want that anymore?’” Kristen asked rhetorically.

Kristen also revealed that she still hasn't received an invite to Stassi's wedding despite being the one to set them up.

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"I have not gotten a save the date in the mail,” she said. “I’m definitely not a bridesmaid…I heard she has nine.”

Kristen seems pretty out of the loop when it comes to Stassi's wedding and her life in general. This isn't the first time that the friends have feuded. They gotten into numerous fights, held grudges and then eventually repaired their relationship. Odds are they'll be able to make up again. However, Stassi has hinted at this fallout is more final.


"Kristen is still not speaking with Katie and Stassi,” a source told HollywoodLife on January 9. “Stassi is very focused on herself right now and Beau period. She would like to get to a place with Kristen where they get along but right now that isn’t happening and she’s not trying to force it. Stassi was sad through most of the filming and isn’t going to allow herself emotionally to be there again. It’s a happy time for her right now.”

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