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Sejal Sharma Dead: Suicide Takes Another Life

Gettyimages | AFP Contributor
By Ivy Pope

Sejal Sharma, an Indian actress who was known for her role in Dil Toh Happy Haj Ji is dead. According to the Times of India, the actress committed suicide. Her death was also confirmed by two of her co-stars.

The saddest thing is, just a few weeks ago Sharma was optimistic and posting on Instagram, "Happy 2020." This just goes to show, though, that suicide is a silent killer.

Dil Toh Happy Haj Ji actor, Aru K Verma, expressed his shock and grief about the cause of death, and stated in an interview with Times of India:

"Yes this is true. I am shocked to hear the news. It's very difficult for me to believe as I had just met with her ten days ago and we had even chatted on WhatsApp on Sunday."

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Suicide Rates in India

Gettyimages | ventdusud

According to the World Health Organization, the age-standardized suicide rate in India is 16.4 per 100k women (this is the 6th highest in the world), and 25.8 for men.

What this means is that the suicide rate for women in India is extremely high, as it ranks sixth highest in the world when the data is compared with other countries and the gender divide.

That is astronomical, and terrifying all in one go. One has to wonder if that played into Sharma's decision to take her own life.

Social Media and Suicide

Over the years many officials have begun to look into social media and the harmful affects that social media has posed on society; specifically towards suicide rates in various countries.

On social media, you can give the best, happiest images of yourself to the world and nobody can see your face or hear your tone while you are typing out comments and statuses. It's a way to get appraised, approval, and feel like you belong to something larger than just yourself...

However, a lot of platforms are moving to bring change, such as Instagram only showing who liked the post, but no like count. Instagram claims this is to force people to focus on their follower count organically growing, rather than their accounts seeming like they're perfect, but perhaps it plays into the correlations found between social media "fame" and depression?

A Beautiful Tribute from Co-Star

Unsplash | Sara Kurfeß

As of right now, there is nothing that tells us why Sharma took her life, however, multiple sources have confirmed her death. A few sources have posited that it was over personal issues, rather than professional problems.

She was a "happy-go-lucky person", and she loved her work as an actress. She posted many glamour shots, and at times mentioned her depression in captions such as:

And here you are, living despite it ALL."

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