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Kim Kardashian and Cher Are Cooking up a Collaboration Together

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By Lenny

Recently, Kim Kardashian and Cher have been spotted together in downtown Los Angeles and this could lead fans to think that they must be having a secret collaboration cooking up. The duo was seen wearing matching Black ensembles together which could only mean that there is a project coming along the way especially since Kim Kardashian is one of Cher's biggest fans. This could be monumental news for nostalgic fans who love to see two Pop culture icons come together to reinvent trends, music, and fashion.

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Kim Kardashian has been spotted at multiple Cher concerts and has even dressed as Cher at one of them as well as at a Met Gala afterparty in the past. Kim Kardashian constantly pays homage to Cher in the way she dresses and even looks as they resemble each other stylistically-wise. Her admiration for Cher's music and wardrobe styling is no secret and them hanging out together has to mean they are working on something together under wraps.

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Cher has been a pop and disco icon since the 70s and has managed to pave way for creative artists like Lady Gaga and most others. Her stylistic touch and her exquisite taste in music have caused her to be one of the biggest pop icons in the history of American music. Kim Kardashian's generation may have caught the tail-end of the artists' longterm career. Even though Cher still reigns over entertainment with her dazzling performance in the musical, Burlesque.


Cher has 26 studio albums and has won an Academy Award, a Grammy, and multiple Golden Globes. She is one of the very few artists who has managed to crossover from music to acting and become wildly successful in both forms of art. She is also considered to be one of the biggest female recording artists in history with the 14 number one hits and whopping 33 top ten charting singles she has had throughout her entire career. Now, Cher is 73-years-old and is still creating music and being featured in motion pictures, her career never stops.

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Cher has become an honorary member of the Kardashian family with how much Kim has welcomed her into her career. Both women have become major people in pop culture and have maintained trends and even created new ones through their stylistic approaches in their respective businesses. Like Cher, Kim Kardashian embodies the same amount of confidence, beauty, and grace that manages to catch everyone's attention whether you like it or not. Maybe that is why Cher is still relevant to the public eye because they both share that quality of feminine divine power that allows for them to flourish in any type of art they choose to practice or take up,

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