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Mama June poses on NYC street

Family Members Aren't Buying Mama June's Heartfelt Social Media Message

Gettyimages | D Dipasupil
By Natalie Hunter

Mama June is going through a rough patch and she isn't afraid to talk about it. Rather post about it. Mama June recently posted an Instagram selfie in which she shares the emotional struggles she's endured and hopes to repair her relationships with her family. Despite her pleas, Honey Boo Boo and the rest of Mama June's family clan are not having it. According to [Perez Hilton,] ( they are accusing her of using the post to gain sympathy and make money posting Instagram ads.

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Mama June posted a car selfie on [Instagram] ( along with a lengthy caption.

“Well decided to get back at it. I’m not saying I’m perfect as every day is a struggle [and] some days I just want to disappear [sic]. Even though me [and] kids aren’t still seeing each other [and] it’s been very hard on all of us but I hope one day that will change as I want them to know I miss [and] love them very much,” her caption read.


Her fans have showed an overwhelming amount of support in the comments section.

"i love you mama june. i know you will get better. my sister did it & so can you!!" one fan wrote encouragingly.

"June, have been a fan for years. Please get sober and get well. You were such a great mom and your girls need you and they love you," another pleaded.

"Hi June I'm so glad to see you fixing things," a third user chimed in.


"The kids and grand babies miss you very much. Luv you June stay strong for the woman we know you are."

While fans might be feeling sympathy for Mama June, her family members had a different response to the post. According to TMZ, they revealed that they don't buy her sob story. They claim that the picture she used is from two years ago and she's using it so that she appears to be making more of an effort to recover than she actually is.

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They also believe she's using the post to gain sympathy from Instagram accounts that may allow her to profit from posting advertisements.

Mama June has been down the wrong path ever since she started dating druggie and criminal Geno Doak. Since dating him, she sold her home and lived her life hopping from hotel room to hotel room to support their drug-infused lifestyle. She also has been criminally charged with drug use and fined for completely trashing a FairBridge Inn & Suites hotel room.

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