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'The Ranch' Star Danny Masterson Accused of Harming a Dog

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By Nic Morales

Following an eight season run of Netflix's The Ranch, Danny Masterson, who plays Rooster Bennett, has found himself in some trouble. In 2017, Masterson was accused of rape, an consequently fired from the show. He wasn't on screen for the final part of the show, but at least That 70's Show co-star, Ashton Kutcher, got to reunite with Masterson for a little while.

The ticks against Masterson are tallying up, starting back in the Spring of 2017. Four women came forward, accusing Masterson of rape. He denied any and all involvement in these crimes, but does say he was involved in consensual relations with these women. To this date, Masterson has not been charged in any instance. People take to Twitter to express their feelings.

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Is Masterson Currently in Prison?


Well, with his devotion to The Church of Scientology, many thought he was being protected by the organization. The women dropped the allegations after fear from harassment and stalked, and they claim the church had something to do with it.

One woman came forward, saying that her dog was poisoned. Another said her daughter's bedroom window was broken in to.

Just a couple days ago, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, the Mars Volta singer, accused Masterson and The Church of Scientology of poisoning his dog. We cannot leave out the fact here that Bixler-Zavala is married to Chrissie Carnell Bixler, who dated Masterson for six years, and is also one of his accusers.

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Chrissie comes forward saying that Masterson would force himself on her, even as she slept. He would get aggressive, and forced her to convert to his religion. The church, she claims, kept her from discussing their relationship after it ended.

Bixler-Zavala claims her found a meat patty which was stuffed with rat poisoning on his property. This dog just put down his family's second dog to be poisoned. The singer insists the church both harassed and killed his precious furbabies.

The Real Victims

lot of tan, white, black long-haired puppies.
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"Scientology and Danny Masterson have now murdered two of my sweet baby dogs...How many times can a heart break?" reads the caption on Chrissie's social media post.

Danny Masterson has not yet commented on these most recent allegations...

Whether this is a battle between exes or not, dogs are dying. It sure does take someone special to hurt an animal, and we hope the allegations aren't true. What we are certain of, is that there are multiple dead innocent animals, family members, companions. This has clearly gone too far, for too long.

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