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Billie Eilish rocks an amazing green and black hair on stage during a performance, and she looks cool.

Billie Eilish Opens Up On Attempted Suicide At Age 16

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Billie Eilish was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 18, 2001. The 18-year-old singer gained popularity at a young age, and at a point, she felt like it was the worst thing in her life. Eilish came from a family of music, although, the Father’s Day job is acting and her mother’s is screenwriting. At age 8, the singer became a member of the Children Chorus, situated in L.A. When she was 11, she found out that she could write songs by herself and she did.

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A sensational photo of Billie Eilish captured on stage with her head bent towards her thigh.
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Eilish was home-schooled, but that did not make things any better for her. At the peak of her career, Eilish disclosed that she was suffering from Tourette syndrome and synesthesia.

Recently, the young singer disclosed to the world that she tried to kill herself when she was 16 years old. Eilish has a difficult time in the spotlight, the same way most youngsters do, but somehow, it got under her skin and made her feel things that no one her age should feel.

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Eilish has established a good relationship with millions of her fans as she does not miss the opportunity to tell them how important they are in her life. Eilish often tells her fans that they ought to take good care of themselves more, and feel good about it.

However, these were the same words that the singer needed to hear when she was at her lowest point in life. As she gained popularity, Eilish began to succumb to pressure from the public.

Billie Eilish sings her heart out on stage with a guitar and she looks amazing.
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The “Bad Guy” singer went on to say that at age 16, she fell into depression and almost hurt herself. The isolation and expectancy from people hit her had.

“I was so unhappy and I was so joyless. I don’t want to be too dark but I genuinely didn’t think I would make it to 17.” She said.

Luckily for the singer and song-writer, she celebrated her 18th year birthday recently and her fans were psyched about it.

Billie Eilish has been through a lot, but she is not letting any of that keep her from achieving her career goals.

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Rounding off on the story of her struggles, Eilish recounted a time when she was in a hotel room alone, in Berlin. While looking out the window, she pictured how her death would look like if she jumped out.

The reporter, Gayle King asked her why she did not go ahead with it, and all Eilish could say was her mom.

After finding out about her experience, Eilish’s mom, Maggie made sure she went to therapy and reduced her workload by rejecting some proposals.

Right now, Billie Eilish is in an amazing place and is doing everything she can to move forward.

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