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'I Didn't Think I'd Make It to 17': Billie Eilish's Suicidal Thoughts

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Alan Blake

Billie Eilish on Thursday gave an interview which is part of the Gayle King Grammy Special. During the interview, the teenager revealed that she had never thought she would get to 17`, and confessed that at some point she had suicidal thoughts. She recalled a time she was in a hotel room in Berlin when the suicidal thoughts were into her. The situation was quite emotional as she thought of how she would die, possibly after dropping down through the window. She was ready to do it!

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Gayle King, who interviewed her sought to know what made her shift from the thoughts where she opened up that it was her mom. The singer, now 18, finally overcame the demons. In the last summer, she dropped an album ‘We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ which topped the Billboard chart. The album has since been nominated as the album of the year and the Best Pop Vocal Album. The twenty-fifth James Bond flick theme song is among her new big things. She took to Twitter to express her surprise.

Billie Eilish
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She recently became the youngest artist to write and record a theme song for James Bond. James bond took to twitter to break the news that Eilish and her brother authored ‘No Time To Die’ song, and she would be performing it. The announcement received a lot of reaction from the movie star’s fans and Eilish. The rumors about the teenager’s involvement in the film followed her recent Instagram story where she posted female Bond actresses Ley Seydoux, Eva Green, and Halle Berry.

Singer Lady Gaga
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Last month, the artist dropped an off-hand reaction towards Lady Gaga’s all-meat dress which was rather infamous. Her comment sparked the response of the ‘Little Monsters’, Gaga’s fan base. Despite the social media heat that resulted, Eilish opened up to that she was not aware, and neither did she care about it. Finneas, who happens to be her elder brother, admitted that he does not have a carefree attitude about social media trolls like her sister. He told the Variety that his sister was much better.

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Although Eilish was at some point emotional and even suicidal, the demon seems to have departed her mind for good. She is quite undeterred by internet trolls as Lady Gaga’s ‘Little Monsters’ experience was not her only one. Eilish still had an encounter with the classic rock fans when she said on a Jimmy Kimmel Live interview that she had no idea who Van Halen was. However, she had some defenders this time round, with Eddie, Van Halen’s son being among the defenders.

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