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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Reactions to Social Media Fawning from SAG Picture

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre
By Zachary Holt

The touching moment that was photographed of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston backstage at the recent Screen Actors Guild award show has been making its way around social media with people fawning over the ex-couple. The photo gave people what they've been yearning for with Pitt and Aniston, at least seeming intimate with one another. The context of the photo, however, is important. Both actors have been close friends for years, even after their divorce and the subsequent marriages they each had. Nonetheless, both were asked about the reaction that the photos have had on social media.

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Brad Pitt Responds to Question Regarding Reactions to SAG Photos

Gettyimages | Frazer Harrison

According to Entertainment Tonight, Pitt shared his thoughts on how the photos are being received by people and how he approaches edgy headlines. "I don't know," referring to whether or not he had seen the outpouring of people calling for the couple to get back together amid the photo's release. "I'm blissfully naïve and I'm gonna stay that way."

Whether or not Pitt is unaware of the reactions the photos have garnished is a matter of conjecture. It must be utterly difficult to not have an agent or publicist share with you such strong reactions to moments, especially as it comes to his career and future appearances. Regardless, Pitt is claiming the fifth on this one.

Brad and Jennifer Avoid Public Appearances Together to Prevent Rumors

Gettyimages | Kevin Winter

In the same vein, Pitt and Aniston have to be remotely aware of the attention that has been received by the media and people on social platforms as both have made it a point to avoid seeing each other in public settings for the most part to deescalate any potential rumors that might crop up.

A source close to Pitt and Aniston revealed, "Brad and Jen started talking after their relationships ended. They have seen each other but only occasionally and casually. en frequently gets photographed, so she was conscious of avoiding Brad because, while she has always adored him, she never wanted to start any rumors."

"She didn't realize how huge of a reaction the public would have to them," the source added of the photos. "They both have laughed a bit about it."

The Unlikely SAG Photo That Set the Internet and Social Media Ablaze

Gettyimages | Emma McIntyre

The picture from the SAG award show was an unlikely event and just so happened to be a lucky moment that was captured. The photographer, Emma McIntyre, was backstage looking for shots when she sensed that a big moment was about to occur between Pitt and Aniston. True to her intuition, it did and she was there to get it on camera.

"He called out 'Aniston!' and she turned around and they embraced and congratulated each other," McIntyre recalled of the unbelievable moment. "It was a moment of two accomplished people at the top of their game, acknowledging each other's successes and genuinely seeming happy to see one another."

Deny, Deny, Deny... Until Something Actually Happens

Gettyimages | Dave Hogan

The rumors of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston rekindling their romantic relationship have been abounding over the last several months, despite both parties admitting that they're simply just really close friends. One has to wonder, though, after Pitt purchased the ex-couple's old house and have been spending a good bit of time together, whether something more is amidst. Unfortunately, as many people do in Hollywood, denials will probably be heard until something actually does occur between Pitt and Aniston, if at all.

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