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The cast of Netflix show 'Cheer'

Will Netflix Show 'Cheer' Be Coming Back For Season 2?

Gettyimages | David Livingston
By Sarah Veldman

It's the most binge-able show on Netflix right now, and gives viewers a whole new perspective on what cheerleading is really about.

When you picture a cheerleader, it's easy to imagine a dumb blonde throwing around pom-poms, yelling sassy cheers, and chasing after football players.

However, Netflix's new show Cheer has given viewers a behind the scenes look at competitive college cheerleading. The highly addictive show follows Navarro College's team as they prepare for the National Cheerleading Association National Championships down in Daytona. The team has previously won 14 times!

Coach Monica Aldama Spoke About The Show Recently


A major character on the six-episode series is coach Monica Aldama who acts as a sort of mother figure for many team members, as she pushes them to become their best.

She recently spoke to Us Weekly about the show and talked about the different places the squad members come from.

She said, “In the world of cheerleading, everyone is accepted, which is, I think, maybe why people loved it so much. They saw that part of it and they didn't realize that, because there's a little bit of a stereotype there. It's really a wonderful world inside cheerleading, where everyone is loved, everyone is accepted for who they are. They're a special group, we're just a really tight family.”

What About Favorite Squad Member Jerry?


Of course, one of our favorite cast members from the docu-series was Jerry, who constantly had a smile on his face, despite having a difficult time in life.

Monica said of Jerry, “From the moment I met him when he walks in a room, I just instantly smile. Something about his personality, without him, even speaking, it just kind of just comes out, you just feel joy."

Other favorite cast members from the show were Lexi Brumback, Morgan Simianer, and Gabi Butler. All had very different stories, and come from backgrounds one might not expect from cheerleaders.

Lexi and Morgan Are Coming Back For Another Season


At the end of the show, it sadly appeared as if Lexi had gone down a bad path again, however, she has come back to Navarro for another season on the team.

During the finale, it was revealed she had been kicked off the team for being found in a car with illegal substances. However, fans were thrilled when she posted her comeback to Instagram with a photo caption that said: "Honey, I'm home."

Morgan will also be returning for another season, which was revealed during the show's finale.

But, will there be a season 2 of the show? Nothing has been confirmed yet, but being that the show was so popular, it's highly likely. Though, if we're lucky enough to get another season, it probably won't premiere for another year.

What Does Coach Monica Think About The Popularity Of The Show?


What does coach Monica have to say about the popularity of the docu-series?

She told Us Weekly, “I mean, we knew that the cheer community would watch it, but we had no idea that the whole world would watch it."

She continued, “We had to really put ourselves out there. So you have to be vulnerable and open up, and so that's always a scary thing. But we really trusted the team, so that was comforting.”

Should we create a petition for a second season and send it to Netflix? At least we can keep up with the cast on Instagram for now!

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