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Taylor Swift looks amazing in a black dress with her guitar as she performs on stage.

Taylor Swift Talks On Body Image Issues & Eating Problems in 'Miss Americana'

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Without a doubt, Taylor Swift is one of the most amazing and iconic singers on earth, and the woman has built herself up from one goal to another. In the music world, there are records that this you g singer has set straight and she continues to make country music the best type of music to listen to in the world. Swift is more than just an artist, she is an impressive school, that no one in the music industry can graduate from.

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The singer and songwriter has gone from the lowest points in her life to the highest, and she has no intention of coming down. Of course, her game, beauty and wealth comes with all the drama and controversy, but in every situation that she has found herself, Swift has always made sure to stay on top. Now, being in the music industry is not a piece of cake, and people who do it, go through a lot of stress in their lives, but it is how they come out of it, that truly matters.

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Swift is set to release her Netflix original documentary, which is called; “Miss Americana,” yes, just like the song. The singer is putting a lot of things into place to make sure that this documentary is a success and her fans are showing their unending support every day.

Now, before the icing, comes the cake. There are some topics that Swift discussed in her documentary that have made it to the internet, and fans have dropped jaws.

The singer revealed in her program, that she battled with eating disorder and body image issues.

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When Swift mentioned that she will be filming a documentary, fans did not know what to expect. However, from this, it is pretty clear that the singer wants to show her fans inside her life and not just the outside.

Speaking about her issues, the 30-year-old revealed that for a while, she did not like what she saw whenever she looked into the mirror. She mentioned that it was not her proudest moments and she had no idea why it was happening.

Taylor Swift looks elegant at the Golden Globes, in yellow and blue flowery design dress.
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She also said that she began an unhealthy eating lifestyle which almost changed everything for her. She also had to deal with the judgement from the public, and paparazzis who won’t let her be.

In no time, all these issues began to pile up for the actress, and at a point, she felt lost. Swift concluded by saying that she never really felt the need to talk about her problems, and doing it now did not make her feel completely comfortable, but she is glad that she is doing it.

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