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Samantha Bee looks glossy in green suit with black poaches.

Samantha Bee Sings Ivanka Trump’s Praises Over Parental Leave

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By Favour

Samantha Bee and Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald are showing to the world that they are good with each other and there is no bad blood between them. Both women took to their Instagram pages recently to throw amazing compliments at each other, and fans were astonished.

So, now that they are friends and getting mushy on social media, what really went down with the duo? If you do not have all the facts, you are in for a treat.

Ivanka Trump looks amazing in this blue T-shirt and white skirt with flowered design as she waves at someone in the background.
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Over the years, comedians have been known to step on people’s toes, especially when it comes to sensitive issues. But mostly, no one can blame comedians because they do this to make the people around them laughs, and laughter is better than crying any day.

However, what happened when a comedian hits a soft part and leave their subject feeling bad or sad? Then the whole goal of laughter is lost right? Well, this is exactly what happened between Bee and Trump a few years ago.

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Bee was engaging in a monologue on immigration policy on her show, when she used the C word on Trump. According to her, the advisor to the president was not doing a good enough job for daddy. That had to have hurt really and as the statement was swiftly condemned by a lot of people; even those who did not like Trump’s policy.

The backlash lasted for as long as it could, and after a while, Bee spoke out, but surprisingly, it was not an apology.

Giphy | The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Bee went on to say that she saw no reason why fans came for her, and she did not learn anything from it. In her argument, she also said that she has used the word many times on her show, and she did not see any reason why it meant something at that time.

It looked like Bee was not going to be apologetic about her behavior but the live show host is currently on speaking terms with the same woman she viciously attacked a while back.

Samantha Bee looks gorgeous on stage with her right hand suspended in the air.
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Speaking up about a recent policy in Trump’s organization, Bee was quick to note that new mothers taking leave was the right thing to do, and she could thank no one else but Ivanka Trump for pulling it off. She also went on to say that the process will make enough room for the new mothers to do what they need to do.

Was this an attempt at apologizing for what she did to Trump the last time, or is Bee truly thanking Ivanka Trump for her good works?

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