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Gwyneth Paltrow in frilly yellow top.

Is Gwyneth Paltrow the Most Hated Marvel Star of all Time?

Gettyimages | Theo Wargo
By Nic Morales

Gwyneth Paltrow's recent revelations are digging her a hole, deeper and deeper. Fans of The Marvel Cinematic Universe raise eyebrows and turn cheeks to this spicy actress. Her consistent role as the enigmatic Pepper Potts has her confused, and fans are certainly able to tell.

MCU has been a manly-man's playground, appealing to the masses. The other female actresses, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Brie Larson, have embraced their positions. Brie Larson going as far as implicating change in the universe, calling for attention as a female lead.

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Guilty as Charged?

Gwyneth Paltrow in black outfit, hair down and straight.
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Jon Favreau, Paltrow's close friend and well known, multi-talented film creator, supposedly talked her into doing the Marvel films. With his track record in the film industry, we won't be surprised if this is true. What she didn't do, was research and study her role, solely accepting to keep her acting career going.

In a recent episode of Netflix's, The Chef Show, Paltrow admits to an embarrassing revelation. With Marvel fans, this is similar to a president admitting to not learning law.

Further confused, she insists, "We weren't in Spider-Man.", Favreau stunned. She goes on to say she wasn't in that film but was in Avengers. A light bulb turns on, but the damage was done.

Later, on Jimmy Kimmel, she is confronted about her confusion about the films she's been in. She admits she's never seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, then later takes it back. Digging her hole with Marvel fans even deeper.

What's her Future Look Like?


Running a business is much more rewarding than acting, to Paltrow, as she admits this to Kimmel. Her new business, Goop, has gotten pretty big. From the controversial items she sells to the Netflix series The Goop Lab. Regardless of opinion, her business is gaining a lot of attention. And she's loving it!

It doesn't look like Paltrow is putting any effort into her acting career, but the remarks and comments of hers should still make her look good. What will she do if Goop goes belly-up?

Giphy | Emmys

She's not in need of money, so should she focus on past film knowledge at this point, or should she look forward, to her newly shaped future? According to the most recent report, Goop brings on over $250 million a year. And although we understand the disappointment and frustration in Marvel fans, we have to put the past in the past and hope and work for the best future.

Her opinion is that time is short, at her age she'd rather be doing this, not acting in superhero movies. Understandable. She looks happy. What more can we ask from her?

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