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Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler Split and Love is Dead

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By Mimz

There really is no hope for the rest of us. Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend of nine years, Austin Butler, recently decided to part ways. The two had been an inspiration to fans holding out for long-lasting, undying love. But not even these two lovebirds were able to make it work.

What seemed to be the issue? Too much time apart. “They’ve made it through long periods before without seeing each other, but this time they didn’t. It’s really sad because they truly love each other. But it’s one of the hard realities of this business, it is very hard on relationships,” a source told Hollywood Life.

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They Spent Too Much Time Apart

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Long-distance relationships are very difficult, as anyone who has experienced it will tell you. The two stars were apparently just too busy with their careers to make ample amount of time for one another and this created a rift in their relationship.

“They had to spend too much time apart the last few months, that’s what did it. Vanessa was so busy with back to back projects that she was hardly home. And Austin has been just as busy with work. He’s doing a movie in Australia [Elvis biopic] and he’s had to be over there on and off for months doing pre-production. They are very good when they are together. But when they’re apart, that is when things get tough and they were apart for months,” the Hollywood Life source continued.

Hudgens Spotted on Date with NBA Star Kyle Kuzma

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Despite coming off of such a long relationship, Hudgens appears to be ready to move on. She was recently spotted out with 24-year-old basketball player Kyle Kuzma, The two went on what looked like a very romantic dinner date and laughed over bottles of wine. Zanessa stans, people who were hoping that Hudgens and actor Zac Efron would get back together, weren't too excited about the date and neither were a few others.

However, the pair seem to be getting closer and Hudgens was even spotted at Kuzma's basketball game just a day later.

How Does Butler Feel About Hudgens' Date?

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Butler can't be too happy that Hudgens is moving on so quickly, can he? Well, apparently he's fine with it. According to a source, the actor thinks it's understandable. "Austin is a level-headed guy, he’s not going to freak out about her dating again. They’re broken up, and she’s a very beautiful woman. Of course men are going to be lining up to date her. That doesn’t mean it won’t hurt. He’s not going to want to hear about it,” the Hollywood Life source added.

The Start of Something New

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Both parties appear to be just too busy for one another. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Both of their careers are flourishing. They've been on the road and filming movies nonstop and it seems there just wasn't any room for love. However, everything appears to have ended relatively peacefully and as Hudgens' date suggests, they both are just ready to move on with their lives. Most are just holding out hope that one of these dates will soon be with Zac Efron.

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